After Levandowski, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Might Be Getting The Boot Next

Uber has sincefaced other problems, including an intellectual property dispute over self-driving vehicle technology with Waymo, the self-driving auto business that operates under Google’s parent company. The investigation determined Uber management had a high tolerance for behavior prejudicial against women, Fortune reported Monday. The probe was prompted by allegations that Uber’s human resources department made no attempt to deal with numerous reported incidents of sexual harassment.In order to take corrective measures to fix the system, Uber also recently hired Francis Frei from Harvard Business School as SVP of Leadership and Strategy to offer leadership support to CEO Travis Kalanick.Michael disclosed this move in an email to employees today and said that David Richter, vice president of strategic initiatives, will be taking over his place.The presentation of the Holder report’s recommendations to Uber employees on Tuesday will also mark one week since the embattled company, which is valued at $68 billion, announced that 20 employees had been fired over harassment claims. The independent investigation was galvanized by former Uber employee Susan Fowler who wrote a blog post detailing allegedly ignored and mishandled issues of sexual harassment at the ride-hailing company.The board debated for seven hours on Sunday at the Los Angeles offices of Covington & Burling, Holder’s law firm.Top business executive Emil Michael, a chief confidant of Mr Kalanick, was also to part ways with the company. His father was injured last month in a boating accident that killed his mother.The report was prepared by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. His resignation would add to a long line of Uber executives and staff exiting the company during what’s been a period of seemingly never-ending turmoil.During Sunday’s meeting, Uber’s board is expected to consider internal policy and management changes recommended by Holder’s law firm, Reuters reported.The report, conducted by former US attorney general Eric Holder, has already been distributed to the board, Recode reports, and it follows the termination of dozens of Uber employees and the disciplining of others for incidents related to sexual harassment charges in recent months.