Heat wave causes increase in burns in Phoenix

The all-time high for Tucson is 117 degrees, set on June 26, 1990. New Mexico State Police told an NBC affiliate in New Mexico that the scorching temperatures, which were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius), contributed to the deaths of the 57-year-olf father and his 21-year-old son.Los Angeles is extending the hours of a dozen cooling centers around the city due to the West’s increasing heat wave.”Those who are frail or have chronic health conditions, are dealing with drug or alcohol issues or are homeless may be at risk for heat-related illness”, Sara Cody, the county’s Health Officer and Public Health Director, said in a statement.San Jose sweltered in record-breaking, 103-degree weather on Sunday, and the area is under heat advisory until 9 p.m. PT Thursday. Temperatures in the San Fernando Valley will surpass the century mark during the period.Power grid operators encouraged customers to use electricity sparingly to avoid a shutdown or blackout.Firefighters are battling a grass fire in the hills near a Northern California town that has sent a plume of dark smoke up to the sky and prompted voluntary evacuations.”Extreme heat such as this is not just an inconvenience, it can be unsafe and even deadly”, said Santa Clara County Executive Dr. Jeffrey Smith.The grass fire is threatening homes, but no evacuations have been ordered.In the Southwest U.S., the heat has caused several problems this week.During the inspection, agents found one Mexican man concealed in the trunk.The three men were arrested on charges of immigration violations along with four US citizens in the vehicles for suspicion of human smuggling.”It’s going to be a scorcher for sure”, said Brian Garcia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The heat is expected to remain in the region until at least the weekend.In San Jose, the temperature reached 103 degrees, breaking the old record of 99 in 1945.Thursday’s forecast calls for a high of 113 degrees, three degrees below the record.American Airlines has cancelled 38 flights in and out of Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon because of extreme heat.The National Weather Service has issued heat warnings Thursday for much of the Bay Area, where temperatures are expected to reach 107 degrees in Concord and Livermore, 101 in Gilroy and 97 in San Jose. At another building site, men in hard hats and yellow vests labored and sweated in the heat, downing water to stay hydrated.Surgeons at the major burn center serving Arizona are urging people to be aware of the danger of severe burns caused by excessive heat blanketing the southwestern United States. High temperatures are forecast to range from 90 to 100 degrees across most of Santa Clara County, with hotter temperatures possible, forecasters said.Infants and young children can get dehydrated very quickly. With the heat from the ovens adding to the misery, they tried to cool down by wrapping wet towels around their necks and guzzling ice water.They eschewed the cliché of frying an egg on the sidewalk and instead left crayons outside in the sun on Wednesday, when the temperature hit 114 degrees.Health officials later confirmed that one of the two heat victims died inside a auto and was homeless, but did not provide additional details.Phoenix hit a high of 119 Tuesday as the Southwest continued an extreme heat wave.Airlines can take other steps when the temperature climbs too high.”All it takes is one moment of carelessness”, he said. That includes hiking only before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.to avoid strenuous exertion during the hottest part of the day. Visitors tried to stay inside air-conditioned casinos, and some tourists lugged packs of bottled water around the Strip.Phoenix has hit 120 only three times in recorded history.The heat will have the biggest impact on smaller regional jets flying out of Phoenix. Coleman was taking a break from posing for photographs with tourists. But in some cases, they will ground flights during the peak heat.