Olivia de Havilland to celebrate 101st birthday

Olivia de Havilland, pictured left at the age of 48, is suing FX and Ryan Murphy, right, the producer of “Feud”, for using her identity without permission and portraying her in a “false light” in the miniseries.In the series, de Havilland is portrayed as a confidante of Davis who talks to documentary filmmakers and offers insight into Davis’ and Crawford’s rise to fame and into each actress’ struggle to continue working in an industry that is not kind to mature actresses.”FX defendants misappropriated Olivia de Havilland’s name, likeness and identity without her permission and used them falsely in order to exploit their own commercial interests”, the lawsuit says. “FX defendants did not engage in protected First Amendment speech in putting false words into the mouth of Olivia de Havilland in a fake interview that did not occur and would not have occurred”, attorney Suzelle Smith said.Head to EW for more! Ryan Murphy acknowledged this fact in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter explaining, “I didn’t write Olivia because I didn’t want to be disrespectful and ask her, ‘Did this happen?”De Havilland says that FX and Murphy can not use free speech protections under the First Amendment to defeat her lawsuit. It also seeks to prevent the network from using her name and image in any series in the future. She turns 101 years old on July 1, and she’s alleging that “Feud” damaged her “professional reputation for integrity, honesty, generosity, self-sacrifice and dignity”.Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays de Havilland in “Feud”, appearing numerous times in most episodes of the series and in FX’s extensive advertising campaign. In the FX series, Zeta-Jones as de Havilland referred to Fontaine as her “bitch sister”.The Gone With The Wind star is asking a jury to consider the emotional distress caused by the show, as well as potential financial losses and the profits made from using her identity. The network and Murphy have not yet commented regarding the issue.