Qualcomm Releases New Support Technology for Bluetooth Mesh Network

The standard’s newly unveiled mesh capability enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is suited to large-scale device networks incorporating building automation, sensors and other IoT devices.The developer group behind the Bluetooth specification have released a new specification for the connectivity standard to include support for mesh networking.The mesh network spec… allows devices to work together to extend range by re-transmitting the signals they receive. Mesh networking will have practical applications in robotics, automation, and building a gang of sensor networks that communicate securely to each other.Time and time again it has been shown that markets flourish when multi-vendor interoperability exists. It added that it believes “Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth Low Energy will greatly expand the size and functionality of the lighting control market”.The value-added capabilities, mature ecosystem and global brand awareness that Bluetooth wireless technology provides will enable the creation of much richer solutions with a faster time to market.”Within the building automation market, there is a growing focus on connected lighting and the role it can play as a platform for providing automation services throughout a facility”, said Szymon Slupik, president and CTO of Silvair and chairman of the mesh working group within the Bluetooth SIG. What this means for your device is anyone’s guess, however for home automation products like Wink hubs or the Google Home it’s possible that the Bluetooth radio in those devices may be updated if their makers want to adopt Bluetooth Mesh.Bluetooth LE mesh works by bouncing data between a network of devices, instead of just relying on a basic point-to-point wireless connection. For example, a Bluetooth-connected speaker’s connection might not reach across the width of a home, but can manage the distance easily when its signal is being re-transmitted by a series of connected lights and a garage door opener. With robust systems that enable dozens of devices to talk to one another, Bluetooth SIG discovered that range limitations were almost nonexistent. When combined with support for Bluetooth Mesh, Toshiba’s Bluetooth products offer a comprehensive solution for extended-range Bluetooth 4.2.KOREA Suyong Choi Strategic Marketing and Communications, Inc.