Rising crime spells deep trouble for Theresa May

Crime recorded by police in England and Wales has increased by 10 per cent, the biggest annual rise for a decade.The number of crimes recorded by officers rose by 458,021 – 10 per cent on previous 12 months – according to shocking new ONS figures.POLICE have recorded the largest rise in crime in a decade with a 26 per cent hike in the murder rate among nearly five million total offences.She was able to confound warnings of “Christmas for Criminals” despite cutting police budgets by 18% and overseeing an 19,000 reduction in police officer numbers because for her five years in charge the crime rate went in one direction only – down.The 723 homicides recorded included the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.Sexual offences were up 14%, public order offences by 39%, while knife and gun crime rose by more than 20%.”Some of the increases recorded by the police are in the low-volume, but high-harm, offences such as homicide and knife crime that the crime survey [CSEW] is not created to measure”, he said.Police officer numbers have fallen to their lowest level in more than 30 years following cuts imposed as part of austerity measures.”While ongoing improvements to recording practices are driving this volume rise, we believe actual increases in crime are also a factor in a number of categories”.Rising levels of violence and theft are behind the increases, the Office of National Statistics said.The use of handguns in firearms offences has risen 24%, the ONS said.Robbery was up 16 per cent, or around 8,000 offences. In the a year ago alone, it fell by 924 – bringing the number of police officers to 123, 142 in England and Wales.”These types of crime in particular can cause deep emotional, physical and psychological effects on victims”.The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “There is a 7% fall in the British Crime Survey, which the ONS says is a statistically significant fall from the previous year”.Policing and Fire Minister Nick Hurd said: “We recognise that crime is changing and we are determined to get ahead of new and emerging threats to the safety and security of our families and communities”.Meanwhile, the number of crimes involving knives or sharp instruments rose 20% to 34,703.Rachel Almeida, Victim Support’s head of policy, said: “This is a great cause for concern especially given the increase in recorded violent crimes, threatening behaviour and theft”.