Sales chief says Boeing won 571 orders and commitments

“The 737 MAX’s promised efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort make it a very compelling airplane for us in our domestic and regional network”, Ruili GM Xie Jinguo said.Boeing won an endorsement from United Airlines for the latest model of its best-selling 737 jet as it struck an upbeat tone on Tuesday, raising its 20-year industry demand forecast despite recent signs of a slowdown.Low-priced airline Blue Air ordered yesterday six Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and retains the right to buy two more aircraft under the same conditions.Tibet Financial Leasing announces commitment for 20 737 MAX jets, including 737 MAX 10 and 737 MAX 8 airplanes, valued at about $2.5 billion at list prices.The Airbus sales were worth about $39 billion at list prices, with an Avitas-estimated real value after standard discounts of $17 billion.He said the Max series is oversold through 2020, and capacity is finite for the model favored by budget carriers.The agreement led to the number of Max 10s order included in the air show to as much as 320 which was more than expected while about half were conversions and fundamental new orders and commitments for Boeing was almost 160.It was a United Airlines commitment to the 737 in 1965 that launched what is today the most successful airliner in history. And the new Boeing jet has become the most anticipated airplane in commercial aviation.McAllister said the 737 MAX 10 will be “the most efficient single-aisle airplane in the skies”.Leahy also said that the gap with Boeing was smaller than it seemed when looking only at signed orders, rather than initial announcements.It quickly announced more than 100 orders worth some US$13.5 billion (S$19 billion), although some were customers changing their selection of models from previous orders.Shenzhen-based Donghai Airlines also negotiated an upgrade from a current 737 MAX order to the MAX 10. The order was previously attributed to an unidentified customer on Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website.”The 737 MAX 7 will give ALC’s customers the best airplane in that segment, built for long, thin and high-hot routes”.”We have 1.3 billion people in our country, they need to travel to different parts of the world and they don’t necessarily need to travel through the hubs that have been created by several airlines on both sides of our country”, SpiceJet CEO Ajay Singh told CNN.