Saudi cabinet expresses satisfaction over Qatar-related decisions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed the Gulf’s “inhumane” blockade of Qatar saying the action is contrary to Islamic values in a speech on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia’s arch-rival Iran on Sunday announced it had sent five planes carrying produce to Qatar.Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain all cut off diplomatic contact with Qatar after officially accusing it of “sponsoring terrorism” last week.”There is no blockade of Qatar”.”The limitation on the use of Saudi airspace is only limited to Qatari airways or Qatari-owned aircraft, not anybody else”, Jubeir said.The diplomat recalled that Turkey is already providing some assistance to Qatar in order to prevent its isolation and possible economic and domestic political negativity due to the sanctions. “They just can not use our territorial waters”.”Without the support of Turkey and Qatar it would not be possible for Syria to push back Daesh (IS)”, Erdogan said, referring to Ankara and Doha’s backing of some of the same Syrian rebel groups.Qatar strongly denied the earlier allegations and expressed a willingness to engage in talks to resolve the crisis.If Qatar and Saudi Arabia continued to fight over this, there is real fear the Syrian Resistance fighters, who are also fighting ISIS, may not receive the funding they need to continue.Qatar hosted the Taliban at the request of the United States government, the Qatari foreign minister’s special envoy on counterterrorism told Aljazeera.”We in Qatar are prepared to engage in dialogue positively, but in accordance with the worldwide norms and standards that govern any dialogue as per global law”, Sheikh Mohammed said. A statement from the state-run firm also made a point to note that the UAE, Egypt and Jordan all rely on its natural gas.The knock-on effects of the crisis are not confined to the Gulf.Qatar has defiantly vowed the country is “not ready to surrender” even if it would mean an end to the diplomatic row.Erdogan urged the king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, to take a leading role in resolving the ongoing Gulf crisis with Qatar.”Qatar’s influence is huge in Somalia which wants to have good relations with all the Gulf countries”.Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi tells reporters in a weekly news conference: “These countries should try to settle their differences at the negotiating table in a positive and comprehensive process”.He said this could be along the lines of the 1975 Helsinki accords signed during the Cold War to reduce tensions between Western and Communist nations.The US president has not provided any evidence for his accusation. “If this were to happen, it would be such an escalation from Qatar’s side, the UAE and Saudi would up the ante even more”.After Trump’s dramatic sacking of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, she wrote: “Increasingly hard to wake up overseas to news from home, knowing I will spend today explaining our democracy and institutions”.