Steph Curry To Likely Skip White House Visit If Invited

For the Golden State Warriors, it marks the franchise’s second NBA Championship in just three years. The Warriors won 129-120 to.OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Stephen Curry will likely go from being the NBA’s biggest bargain to signing the richest contract in the league at more than $200 million. And he looks forward to the nice payday.Kevin Durant came to Golden State looking for a championship and found a band of brothers who, as it turned out, were exactly what he needed to finally capture that long-sought title.”It would mean everything”. “He said, I wasn’t focused but I’m good now”. It is a business. “I need to get off of my feet and let my joints and let my body kind of recover from being out on the floor for 14 straight years”.Another Cleveland player, Iman Shumpert, was more direct, saying in November, “I’m not going to the White House”.Kevin Durant’s 28.8-point playoff career scoring average ranks fourth all-time, trailing only Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Jerry West and ranking just ahead of LeBron James at 28.4. The Warriors dismissed the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games.Durant said he has “no question” in his mind he will be back with the Warriors. One thing Durant has going for him is that “super teams” are usually considered those that brought together a group of superstars in an unnatural way (via trades or free agency). “Its easier said than done obviously, but thats the goal.One thing is clear – if no one can assemble a truly special team, the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy could very well reside in the Bay Area for years to come.Durant then replied by saying, “I don’t think it’s fair to minimize what Kevin offers Golden State, and what they offered him, to say that it was the weakest move in National Basketball Association history”.Warriors guard Klay Thompson was throwing T-shirts to fans and waving from the top of an open, double-decker bus. You went to sleep hungry. Were going to do everything we can to keep this team together.”I remember the first day of camp and I walk into camp, and I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what these guys were like on the court”, Durant told reporters after the game. We’ll see what happens.Nancy Pelosi tweeted that she we would “be honored to welcome the team to the U.S. Capitol”.Since Trump was sworn into office, he has been visited by championship teams such as the New England Patriots and Clemson Tigers, and the Pittsburgh Penguins have said that they will go to the White House if invited, but Warriors players as a whole are reportedly opposed to it. Still feel like that today, ” Curry said. “. I’m sure we will have a conversation about it pretty soon”.