Trump confirms he’s under investigation for firing former FBI Director James Comey

If Trump is found guilty of obstruction of justice, that would likely be grounds for impeachment. The tweet was not confirmation that the president or his attorney has been informed by the Department of Justice or Mueller that Trump is the subject of an investigation.Things changed shortly after Comey’s firing, according to Post’s sources.It stands to reason that the circumstances surrounding Comey’s firing would now be at the center of Mueller’s query.The tweets immediately prompted concerns among lawmakers that Trump might try to can both Mueller and Rosenstein. The newspaper noted Mueller had requested interviews with CIA Director Dan Coats, National Security Agency chief Michael Rogers and Richard Ledgett, the former NSA deputy director.A spokesman for the office of the special counsel declined to comment, and so did a representative for the director of National Intelligence.CENTCOM later said that person was “unauthorized” to speak for the command and that the statement was “inappropriate”. “We are not in a position to comment further”.A spokesman for Trump’s personal lawyer in the Russian Federation matter, Marc Kasowitz, said, “The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal“.White House aides have been instructed to not talk about Russian Federation investigation, but that doesn’t apply to the President.Rosenstein was the one to make the decision because Attorney General Jeff Sessions had already recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation.Comey testified that initial explanations that he was sacked because of poor leadership were “lies, plain and simple”.Though some in the White House have preached caution, fearing a repeat of the firestorm over Mr Comey’s sacking, many in Mr Trump’s orbit, including his son Donald Jr and adviser Newt Gingrich, have deemed Mr Mueller biased and worthy of dismissal.The email reveals the scope of investigations, which have also been reported to include adviser Jared Kushner and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.Asked whether Trump’s actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, Comey testified last week: “I don’t know”.For now, Mueller and Rosenstein should recuse themselves from their investigation because they failed to do their jobs objectively and competently.Comey told Congress last week that he leaked his memos of his conversations Trump to a friend after a tweet by the president suggested he may have taped the conversations.The outburst comes a week after Comey gave damning testimony at a Senate intelligence committee hearing, accusing the President of being a “liar”.No wonder Trump is still ruminating about firing Mueller.Rod Rosenstein probably never expected to be in the spotlight so often while serving in President Donald Trump’s administration.At times he calls the two prominent dailies as the fake media and during the election campaign he described CNN as “Clinton News Network”. Some of his ire is aimed at Rosenstein and investigative special counsel Robert Mueller, both of whom the president believes are biased against him, associates say.The Twitter attacks came as vice president Mike Pence hired a personal lawyer to represent him in the intensifying investigation. He said the conversations were uncomfortable enough that he documented them in a series of nine memos initially distributed to only a small circle of Federal Bureau of Investigation colleagues. That is, to protect records that are at the center of an unfolding investigation where disclosure of the records could compromise leads or prejudice the investigation.