Trump wants more apprentices. But can they fix America’s big jobs problem?

“We will be removing federal restrictions that have prevented many different industries from creating apprenticeship programs”, he continued.Trump’s order “will move the role of developing government-funded apprenticeship programs from the Labor Department to third-party private entities – including trade groups, labor unions and businesses”, Politico said. While the executive order will take time to fully implement, it reflects the Trump administration’s emphasis on expanding job opportunities for all workers, especially middle class jobs, while channeling taxpayer dollars into effective and successful apprenticeship and job training programs.American Federation of Teachers Local 212 President Mike Rosen said if Trump is really interested in apprenticeship programs he would invest more in skills training.These programs enjoy a fair amount of bipartisan support, and have gotten a lot of buzz in recent months: In a March roundtable discussion, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff called on Trump to create 5 million apprenticeships in the next five years.Jobs for the Future, a nonprofit that helps promote skills training and job opportunities for low-income people, supports apprenticeship programs that have the Labor Department’s stamp of approval, says the group’s president, Maria K. Flynn.US Labour Secretary Alex Acosta said the president knows that apprenticeship programs offer demand-based skills and good, stable jobs with reduced or no student debt.Participants in some apprentice programmes receive on-the-job training while going to school, sometimes with companies footing the bill. Currently, half of the country’s 1 million apprenticeships are “registered” with the U.S. Department of Labor.President Trump also spoke about the need for a more robust apprenticeship program during his first full Cabinet meeting on Monday: “Apprenticeships are going to be a big, big factor in our country”.What is an apprenticeship program? “And I want to just pray for Arnold if we can for those ratings, OK?” “Instead apprentices earn while they learn”. Amazon (AMZN), which now offers a “career-choice” training program, expects its level of participants to double by the year 2020, according to Dave Clarke, the company’s SVP of Worldwide Operations.NPR reports that now there are more than 6 million jobs open in the US that could benefit from an apprenticeship, but only a mere 500,000 such apprenticeships now exist.The Trump administration has said there’s a need that can be met with a change in the American attitude toward vocational education and apprenticeships.The goal is to help students obtain professional credentials for high-wage jobs that don’t require bachelor’s degrees.If the scale of a USA apprenticeship program is to come anywhere close to Germany’s, apprentices will have to become easier for businesses to manage – and public-education systems must be more responsive to the job requirements of local industries. “It was looking at all these workforce investment programs, even welfare reform, and he said give more power to the states”, Walker said.U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said in a statement that Trump’s “rhetoric doesn’t match the reality of the budget cuts”. In Congress, I have long championed the expansion of apprenticeships, taking the lead on much-needed reforms to create more options for employers and workers. The Obama administration dedicated $90 million to apprenticeship programs, the same amount that’s in Trump’s proposed budget. Addressing questions about those proposed cuts during an appearance in the White House press briefing room, Acosta said the administration hopes to foster “private to private partnerships” on job training.