Uber Just Made It Easier for You to Tip Your Drivers

The tips are automatically added to the total earnings for each driver, and no service fees are applied to them, the company said.There may be some awkwardness during the initial rollout of the tipping update, as both drivers and customers will need to have the latest versions of the Uber and UberEATS app.Starting today in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston, riders will have the option to tip drivers using the Uber app. Uber says it will expand tipping to additional cities over the next few weeks, and all USA drivers will be able to use the feature by the end of July 2017.You can tip your driver.Passengers will be given some preset tip amounts to choose from, or they can enter in an amount of their choosing. Unlike taxis where you tip before you get out of the auto, Uber riders will have 30 days from the conclusion of their trip to add a tip. Yesterday, Lyft announced that its drivers have earned over a quarter billion dollars in tips.”Why now? Because it’s the right thing to do, it’s long overdue, and there’s no time like the present”, Uber said in a blog post. During those first few days, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear from drivers that they turned on tipping, but they aren’t consistently getting tips because passengers have outdated apps installed.On the other hand, riders who keep drivers waiting outside for more than two minutes will begin to incur additional “per minute” fees. Uber says riders will have up to seven days after a trip is complete to add a tip and riders can also go back in their trip history and add a tip retroactively for up to 30 days. Though prompted by requests from drivers seeking a better driving experience, some of the changes will have an impact on riders. Though not every change has been announced, Uber will also shorten its cancellation window to two minutes from five minutes – making it less likely users will cancel rides they’ve already booked – and drivers will get a portion of Uber’s “teen fare”, which parents can use to organize rides for their teenage children. Getting here took many months, and it started with listening. This feature is expected to begin by the end of July.