Uber’s SVP of Business Emil Michael Just Left the Company

The board adopted a series of recommendations about the corporate culture from former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder.The Times reported that three people with knowledge of the matter have confirmed that Uber’s board was meeting to consider recommendations from a law firm hired to review Uber’s corporate culture and that the board may decide to put CEO Travis Kalanick on temporary leave. Uber now has nine board members and seven hold super-voting shares that give them more power.The presentation of the Holder report’s recommendations to Uber employees on Tuesday will also mark one week since the embattled company, which is valued at $68 billion, announced that it is looing into the reports at a staff meeting. Eric Alexander, who oversaw business in Asia, departed amid reports of the India rape controversy last week.Another report claims that Kalanick is considering at least a temporary departure from the company in the wake of these recent revelations.The recommendations will be released to employees Tuesday, according to the board representative.According to Reuters, the board has discussed Kalanick taking time off from the company.In February Uber retained Holder’s law firm to investigate company practices, after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler published a blog post detailing what she described as sexual harassment and the lack of a suitable response by senior managers.So far Uber has remained tight-lipped about what the fallout of that meeting will be, including how it will affect Kalanick’s future at the helm of the world’s most valuable startup.The Wall Street Journal reported that Chief Business Officer Emil Michael plans to resign as early as Monday, as fallout from the report.Michael was a controversial figure inside and outside Uber. Uber has also spent much of the year responding to other scandals including its secret “Greyball” program for avoiding local regulators, a lawsuit from competitor Waymo and a class action lawsuit that alleges the company shortchanged drivers on ride payments.A spokesperson for Uber said that Wan Ling Martello, a Nestle executive and Alibaba board member, would join as independent director. The executive told Buzzfeed in November that Uber was considering digging into reporters’ personal lives and families to stem negative coverage of the company.