United States to test THAAD amid North Korea tensions

United States defense officials told media that the test will be the first of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense to defend against a simulated attack by an intermediate-range ballistic missile.”We’ve had wake-up calls before but what happened on July 3 is shaking us out of bed”, said Ward, referring to Pyongyang’s latest missile test.According to state broadcaster KCTV, the Hwasong-14 missile was sacked around 9.40 a.m.Before India, the United States had also condemned the missile launch and had warned North Korea of serious consequences.The agency said the test against a ballistic missile target will be conducted in “early July” at the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Alaska’s Kodiak island.”The answer in respect of North Korea is the de-nuclearisation of North Korea and for it to stop its reckless conduct, its reckless and provocative conduct”, Mr Turnbull said.In response, Russian Federation and China called upon Pyongyang to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and simultaneously urged Washington and Seoul to refrain from holding joint drills in the region.Ward, a Republican in a Democratic-majority state, said he supports reviving state legislation that would reopen the bunkers built by the US military before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that prompted USA entry into World War II.Missile Defense Agency spokesman Chris Johnson said an exact date for the THAAD test will not be disclosed, but is expected some time in the coming days.THAAD’s success rate in testing is far higher than the one for America’s Ground-based Midcourse Defence system (GMD), the system specifically created to shoot down an ICBM headed for the U.S. mainland.Most recently, North Korea claimed its first successful ICBM launch ever. The Pentagon has repeatedly played up their ability to shoot down an attacking North Korean missile.Earlier in the day, speaking at an informal meeting of the leaders of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) nations on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed similar concerns.India on Friday joined the chorus of worldwide communities’ concern about North Korea’s pursuit of missile programme.