YI Technology Announces Upcoming VR180 Camera with Google

This also means that making VR180 video is easier for creators.That said, 360-degree video will still be alive and well on the site, and YouTube isn’t stepping away from supporting it, but VR180 may make it a bit easier for creators to get their feet wet without taking the plunge all at once.YouTube is working on a new virtual reality format for creating content in 180-degrees rather than the 360-degrees typically associated with VR.Google wants to boost VR content and to do that it has launched an all new video format.”YouTube is very much invested in the future of immersive video”, said YouTube lead VR product manager Erin Teague during a recent interview with Variety. However, unlike 360-degree video, users won’t be able to look over their shoulder to spot anything behind them: Half of the 360-degree sphere surrounding them is simply blacked out. The other part is that creators still really don’t know what to do with 360-degree cameras, as the format is largely unexplored despite all the noise surrounding it. Google says that the VR180 format would be of high resolution and it would “look great on desktop and on mobile”.Later this year, consumers will also be able to buy their own 180VR-compatible cameras through a partnership between Google and a number of consumer electronics companies, including LG, Lenovo and YI, which previously also cooperated with Google on the latest JUMP camera. It was created in partnership with the broader VR division at Google and the Daydream team.So, for example, a YouTube creator won’t have to worry about capturing what is behind the camera, but can just shoot straight forward as they normally would. There’s no word on what additional requirements (if any) creators may need to meet to play around with a VR180 camera at a YouTube Space. Things will kick off with a workshop running over three days from August 7th – 9th, which will enable creators to make better VR videos by training them and offering cameras and tools to make the best content.