5SOS Michael Clifford Gained Weight and has Thicker Hair Now [Photos]

5SOS Michael Clifford Gained Weight and has Thicker Hair Now [Photos]

As the band takes a break from the stage, 5SOS Michael Clifford seems to have gained weight and has thicker locks now. It can be recalled that the musician left his fans worried when they noticed his patchy hair.

The 5 Seconds of Summer rocker has been recognized for his different hair colors, but somehow, people previously asserted that his hair was thinning and getting patchy. They believed that it could be the result of his frequent use of hair dye. Some even stated that they saw him covering up his distressed peroxide blonde tresses.

5SOS Michael Clifford Has Thicker Hair Now!

Unlike before, it seems like Clifford’s hair is getting thicker, healthy, and full just the year after he displayed his balding head during a trip to Sydney, Australia. The lead guitarist went out on Tuesday, donning his locks in public and appearing to benefit from not using hair colors as he arrived at The Highlight Room in Hollywood.

The 21-year-old musician, who rose to fame after joining his comrade’s group, was joined by his longtime girlfriend, Crystal Leigh, at the venue. Despite wearing a backwards-facing cap, it was clear that his hair was looking a lot better than it did last year. He has been dyeing his locks for several years, which may have damaged it and caused some thinning.

In 2013, he opted for a two-toned hairstyle by coloring the sides of his hair with peroxide blond with a black in the middle. He then donned a bright blue hair color before going completely purple. When he met Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, the Aussie star was seen with yet another bright shade.

Nonetheless, it appears Clifford stopped dyeing his hair for months. He seems to be enjoying the benefits of a more natural look. Even his dedicated followers are glad to see that the musician has now opted to flaunt his normal locks.

5SOS Lead Guitarist Gained Weight?

Meanwhile, latest photos of Michael Clifford show that he has gained weight following the band’s hiatus. It really proves that he is taking care of himself while spending time with his girlfriend, friends, and family. You can view the photo below.

Michael Clifford and his bandmates are currently working on their third album. They are also slated to hit the road for their world tour, perhaps to promote their upcoming greatest and biggest record ever. In the meantime, everyone should wait until the Aussie pop-rockers confirm the album’s release date.


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