Beyonce Twins Born Premature with 'Minor Issues' Says Reports

Beyonce Twins Born Premature with 'Minor Issues' Says Reports

The already famous Beyonce twins — otherwise known as Blue Ivy’s newborn siblings — make waves with their birth. The fact that they are born into fame makes it a given that the Beyonce twins have everything it takes to catch the attention of media outlets everywhere.

With Beyonce as a mother and Jay Z as a father, it would be arguably difficult to sweep the babies’ births under the rug. That said, reports reveal a significant detail about Beyonce’s newborns. Reportedly, the twins were born last week with a “minor issue.” Not much is currently known about what this issue might be, though some speculate that Beyonce’s babies may be suffering from a condition that is found to be common among premature babies.

“Minor Issue” With Beyonce Twins

Some reports speculate that Beyonce’s twins may be receiving treatment for jaundice. As TMZ’s sources claim, the newborns are “under the lights.” As the outlet explains, such a term often refers to babies undergoing treatment for jaundice due to elevated bilirubin levels.

With the help of special lights, bilirubin can be lowered in the blood in an effort to get rid of jaundice. While reports of such may be alarming, it’s worth noting that most cases of jaundice are not dangerous. This is further reinforced by the fact that the incident is described as a “minor issue.”

Though the issue may be minor, Beyonce and her twins have yet to leave the hospital. This is due to doctors not clearing the famous singer and her newborns, what with the minor issue — whatever it might really be — still at hand. For the most part, Beyonce is reported to be in good condition despite remaining at the hospital. Her twins may face a small hiccup at the moment, but they are expected to make it out okay as well.

As to when Beyonce and her twins will be released is still unknown. What is known, however, are the sexes of the Beyonce twins. According to reports, Beyonce gave birth to both a boy and a girl. As to what their names are, it is yet to be disclosed.

Beyonce and Jay Z Welcome Twins

Confirmation of news regarding the birth of Beyonce’s twins comes from the newborns’ grandfather, Mathew Knowles. Beyonce’s father took to Twitter to share the good news with the rest of the world. His greeting comes with a photo of balloons, with a message greeting a happy birthday to his new grandchildren.

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They're here!#beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday

— Mathew Knowles (@MathewKnowles) June 18, 2017