Beyonce's Twins Live in a $400,000/month Malibu Mansion

Beyonce's Twins Live in a $400,000/month Malibu Mansion

Beyonce’s twins, who have just turned a month old, continue to make headlines despite the lack of photos of their birth. Named Rumi and Sir, reports have it that the twins are healthy and living in a Malibu mansion which costs $400,000 per month.

What do we know about Rumi and Sir Carter?

Born in Los Angeles, California, through a caesarean section, the girl, Rumi, and the boy, Sir, are “happy and healthy,” says an insider of E! News. On June 30, the entertainment outlet learned the names of Beyonce’s twins and touched on what they could mean.

The publication notes that “Rumi” is speculated to have been taken from the 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, Islamic scholar, and theologian of the same name. The source also notes that “Rumi” means “beauty,” “current,” “flow,” and “water” in Japan. It is a feminine Japanese given name. On the other hand, adding Jay Z’s surname to “Sir”— Sir Carter—would make for a “great rapper name.” “Sir,” being of English origin, thereby highlights the last name, Carter.

On a tangent, the same source notes that the family left the hospital a little over a week after Beyonce’s twins were born. Beyonce and Jay Z are renting out La Villa Contenta, the name of the property, for the remainder of the summer. With the 6.3-acre grounds’ rent costing them $400,000 each month, it includes a pool house, a rose garden, a tennis court, and a viewing deck.

Insiders on the twins

The aforementioned publication reveals that multiple insiders have confirmed that Beyonce’s twins are a girl and a boy. Moreover, an “unidentified woman” was spotted delivering balloons to the LA-based hospital Queen B was at. The balloons, which read “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl,” came with a card that that read “B + J.”

The outlet’s sources have also confirmed that the family is “doing great.” During her confinement in the hospital, one insider dished that Beyonce had “some of the best doctors taking care of her.” Aside from Beyonce’s twins being healthy, the 35-year-old now-mother-of-three is said to have “looked amazing and was glowing” after giving birth.

Now, just hours ago, Beyonce and Jay Z were finally spotted out in public. A recent article from E! News mentions an eyewitness seeing two separate Escalades arriving at Nobu in Malibu around 8 PM on Wednesday. Jay Z was the first to arrive, with Beyonce emerging from the second car “flanked by two separate security guards.” Three hours later, the couple left, once again in separate cars.