'Cash Me Outside' Girl is Already a Millionaire, Has New Reality TV Show

'Cash Me Outside' Girl is Already a Millionaire, Has New Reality TV Show

The Cash Me Outside girl just splurged $90K on a Porsche to treat herself despite the fact that she can’t yet legally drive due to her age. Danielle Bregoli, who has been making serious bank, revealed her plans for her upcoming reality television show.

While many are wondering why life is so unfair, Bregoli just dropped tons of money on a car all for herself. The 14-year-old brat skyrocketed to fame after her episode on Dr. Phil became viral in the world wide web. It featured the star challenging the “whores” in the audience to fight her outside the studio.

She appeared on the show in September 2016, in an episode that dealt with parents and their unruly children. Her despairing mother, Barbara Ann, revealed that she has been pulling her hair out over her daughter – who has run away several times and steal her credit cards. While the young reality star’s life was laid bare on camera, she became annoyed at the audience who was laughing at her.

Cash Me Outside Girl Buys a $90K Porsche!

Turning to threats, Bregoli asked the audience: “Catch me outside, how about that?” But because of her odd accent, it sounded a lot more like: “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” This line has become her signature catchphrase and a meme which has spread all over the internet. Despite the criticisms, the young star has just made her major purchase. So, how did she manage to buy a car when she does not have a license?

Since Brigole started pulling in a seven-figure sum, which comes from her appearance on her several tours, she has spent a chunk of that cash to her latest purchase. Speaking to HollywoodLife.com, her representative exclusively revealed the how the star plans to use the car even without having a driver’s license.

The representative divulged that the Cash Me Outside girl currently has her security team driving her car when she needs to travel. It is added that Bregoli will be getting her permit in 10 months. The rep explained, “Danielle has earned well into the seven figures at this point and wanted to buy herself something.

Danielle Bregoli Has a New Reality TV Show

Adding to more intriguing news is the revelation that the teen has managed to nab a deal for her own reality TV series, which is set to be based on the day-to-day happenings of her and her mother Barbara Ann’s life. In an exclusive interview with the publication, Bregoli said, “We’ve been making with a bunch of networks.”

The Cash Me Outside girl further explained, “Everyone has a different idea of what the show should be about, so we’re just taking our time to figure out where the show will fit best. Also doing other stuff that we want to finish so they can be worked into the show.” This opportunity would definitely give her fans something they have been craving since her epic and viral guest appearance on Dr. Phil.

While some find Bregoli’s life and behavior a bit interesting, some feel that she is being rewarded for her bad choices and terrible actions. Many believe that she could be setting a bad example to the young generation. Nevertheless, everyone should wait until an official announcement about the TV series comes out.