Chris Brown Relives Rihanna Beating Again and She is Pissed! Using RiRi to Sell His Film

Chris Brown Relives Rihanna Beating Again and She is Pissed! Using RiRi to Sell His Film

The Chris Brown and Rihanna altercation in 2009 has been brought up once again and RiRi is not really pleased. Brown released a documentary about his life recently, and it includes the reason why he beat RiRi. But for the Work singer, this is something she doesn’t want to relive.

Brown’s Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life took his fans to his controversial world. However, it doesn’t feature his life as an artist alone. It also includes his life with Rihanna and how things between them ended in a very bad light. cited a source saying Rihanna is angry that Breezy is still talking about the incident that left her traumatized and with “trust issues” with men. The insider added RiRi is also baffled that Brown is using their 2009 fight to sell his film.

“Rihanna is pretty pissed Chris is bringing up their old drama again. She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise. The experience itself was hugely traumatic. But the way it played out so publicly added yet further to the trauma,” the source said.

The Love On The Brain singer reportedly doesn’t want to be associated with Brown anymore or to be tagged as his ex-girlfriend and victim again. “Rihanna wants to be known as this fierce, independent, strong woman – not be tainted with this weak, victim label. She’s struggled to get close to anyone and has developed deep trust issues when it comes to men,” the source added.

The Beating of Rihanna According to Chris Brown

Back in 2009, the Chris Brown and Rihanna pre-Grammy Awards fight became physical. In the new documentary about his life, Brown said they got into an argument after they bumped into one of his former girlfriends at a party. He claimed that Rihanna got mad while he tried to convince her that he had no idea that his ex would be at the event.

They left the party to sort things out. However, Rihanna found an unread text message from the same woman to Brown during the car ride home. The Barbadian beauty got mad and Brown responded by severely beating her. A passer-by heard her screams and called the police. Rihanna then went to the hospital while Brown was placed under arrest. Brown was eventually charged with assault.

At some point in his documentary, Brown confessed about seeing another woman while he was in a serious relationship with RiRi. This was the beginning of the Chris Brown and Rihanna complicated romance that ended in the infamous fight in 2009.

Chris Brown Plans to Propose to Rihanna

The With You singer also admitted in his documentary that he planned to propose to RiRi before the beating incident. Brown also recalled how he and Rihanna met. He said they started just hanging out casually when they were teenagers. Brown added that the Umbrella hitmaker didn’t take him very seriously at first when he said he liked her. Then, he dropped the Love word and that’s when they started dating.

The 28-year-old R&B artist said the documentary is an honest attempt to allow his new fans to get to know him better. “None of this is fabricated or etched to make you feel a certain way – it’s just raw. My new fans are going to get a chance to understand my experience,” Brown told Complex.