‘Doctor Who’ Cast Female 13th Doctor: Jodie Whittaker Facts You Shoud Know!

‘Doctor Who’ Cast Female 13th Doctor: Jodie Whittaker Facts You Shoud Know!

Doctor Who is finally about to have a female doctor. Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker has been tapped to be the 13th Doctor for Season 11 of the BBC’s sci-fi series.

The British network announced the new Doctor of Doctor Who in a trailer aired at the end of Wimbledon’s men’s singles final on Sunday. Whittaker joined the list of Doctors in the show and will succeed Peter Capaldi. The latter played the iconic role since 2013 and is going to exit the show after the Christmas special later this year.

Whittaker said it was “overwhelming” to become the next Doctor. “It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be,” the star told BBC.

Who is Jodie Whittaker?

She is about to become the first female Doctor in the BBC long-running series. To keep her 13th Doctor role a secret, Whittaker said she used a codename. She revealed that she says “Clooney” when discussing her new role to her husband and agent.

Whittaker previously worked with the new showrunner of Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall, in Broadchurch. She starred in the critically-acclaimed crime drama as Beth Latimer, the mother of a murdered boy. Whittaker appeared in the ITV show alongside the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

The 35-year-old actress made her first major role in movies in the 2006 film Venus. Whittaker also starred in Wish 143, which was nominated for the 2009 Oscars for Live Action Short Film. In 2011, Whittaker starred in sci-fi horror comedy film Attack the Block alongside John Boyega.

Reactions on Jodie Whittaker’s Casting as the First Female Doctor

Fans of Doctor Who praised the casting of a woman as the new head of TARDIS. Many expressed their excitement for the upcoming season. However, there are also Whovians who are disappointed with the casting of a female Time Lord.

Some said the casting of a female Doctor could mean they would stop watching the series while others insisted that the Doctor role should be played by a man. One Twitter user said, “I am a woman and a feminist but I don’t want a female Doctor. To me it’s trying too hard to tick the boxes.”

Meanwhile, Capaldi is all praises for the upcoming female Doctor. “Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker’s work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm. She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part. She’s going to be a fantastic Doctor,” he told BBC in another interview.

Doctor Who writer Jenny Colgan also said they are excited for the new Doctor. “I am of course incredibly excited the new Doctor is a woman; Steven Moffat has been paving the way for this for ages and it is absolutely about time,” she said.

Meanwhile, The Night Manager star Olivia Colman also lauded BBC’s decision’s to pick Whittaker. Colman appeared in an episode of Doctor Who and was one of the possible candidates for the lead role. She told BBC News that those who are unhappy about Whittaker being the new Doctor should “leave her alone and let her do her job brilliantly.”