Eleanor Tomlinson is Dating Her ‘Poldark’ Season 3 Co-Star, Harry Richardson

Eleanor Tomlinson is Dating Her ‘Poldark’ Season 3 Co-Star, Harry Richardson

This will definitely disappoint Poldark fans who would like to see Eleanor Tomlinson and her on-screen husband, Aidan Turner, together. Tomlinson is dating a Poldark Season 3 co-star, but it is not Turner.

It has been confirmed that Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) has her eyes on a Poldark co-star. She was spotted hanging out with Harry Richardson (Drake Crane) in London recently. They were photographed kissing and hugging in rather public places in the city.

Mail Online shared some snaps of the two showing their PDA. In some of the photos, they were seen kissing and cuddling. One image showed the 24-year-old Australian heartthrob brushing Tomlinson’s hair back from her face before she pulled her closer to him.

Based on their pictures together, Eleanor Tomlinson and Richardson made no attempt to hide their feelings from onlookers. Mail Online quoted one passerby saying, “They looked really loved-up and were very touchy feely, cuddling and kissing right next to a pub. At one point someone shouted ‘get a room.’ They went into several shops and walked all around Wimbledon Village before getting in a taxi together. Considering what a recognizable couple they are for anyone who watches Poldark, they were being very open.”

Eleanor Tomlinson and Harry Richardson in Poldark Season 3

Tomlinson and Richarson play siblings in the BBC One hit series. There are speculations that the pair became close during the filming of Season 3. Richardson is among the new cast members of the show. The 25-year-old actress split from Poldark stuntman Ben Atkinson earlier this year.

Richardson and his on-screen brother, Tom York (Sam Crane), are Turner’s competition to fans’ hearts this season, but Richardson admitted that they couldn’t compete with Aidan Turner. “You can’t compete with Aidan, man. I did try and have a go with a prop scythe but those things are impossible to cut with. It’s really hard, proper manual labour and I gave up. It’s a lot harder than it looks,” Richardson tells Radio Times.

Who is Drake Crane?

He is Demelza’s younger brother who is more free-spirited like his sister than his man-of-God brother, Sam. He seeks his own place in the world and finds himself unwilling to settle for the limits life has imposed on him especially concerning love. Drake’s love interest in Poldark is Elizabeth’s (Heidi Reed) cousin, Morwenna (Ellise Chappell).

In Season 3, Drake is sent to visit his sister when their father becomes sick. Richardson has described his character as someone who has “incredible passion in life.” “Drake has so much energy and exuberance and this incredible passion for life, which is exciting to play.

“He goes on this incredible journey from boy to man as he starts to realise what is important to him, what his beliefs are, where he stands on love and religion and life and where he is going to sit in society,” he said. Poldark Season 3 airs Sundays at 9 PM on BBC One.