Harry Styles 'Dunkirk' Secrets Revealed! He Can Sleep in Unusual Places

Harry Styles 'Dunkirk' Secrets Revealed! He Can Sleep in Unusual Places

Harry Styles Dunkirk secrets have been revealed, and they have something to do with sleeping, a highlighter, and the shower. Styles is a famous singer, so naturally, he tries to score some naps in between gigs. However, it was revealed that he can still sleep even in unusual places.

In a sit-down interview with People magazine, Styles and co-star Fionn Whitehead divulged some of their secrets during the filming of Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic movie. Whitehead said they managed to find ways to fall asleep anywhere.

“So, on set if there was a five-minute break, we just turn over and zzz,” Whitehead said before turning to Styles. “I think you’re the best at it, actually. I like to think I’m pretty good, but I think you’re the best at falling asleep.”

The One Direction member admitted that they were able to score some shut-eye while filming scenes in the ocean. “I definitely fell asleep while floating a couple times. It was nice, refreshing,” Styles admitted.

More Harry Styles Dunkirk Secrets

Styles does know how to strike a conversation and gain a friend. Not known to many, however, the Sign of the Times singer has a thing for highlighters. Whitehead revealed another Harry Styles Dunkirk secret; that is, Styles knows where to find a highlighter wherever he goes. Whitehead said he and Styles bonded over a highlighter when they met in an audition.

“The final audition I did, I was screen testing with Harry and another actor and I think needed a highlighter or something [to highlight lines in the script] and I went, ‘I could really use a highlighter.’ And Harry said, ‘Need a highlighter?’ and just disappeared upstairs and got me a highlighter, which was very nice of him. Such a nice young man,” Whitehead said.

Styles also found hot showers very rewarding whenever they finished filming in the ocean for the whole day. “During they were the worst days, but as soon you get home and shower it was the most rewarding part of the thing,” he said.

Why Harry Styles Joined Dunkirk

Styles confessed it is really a dream come true for him to work with Nolan. He auditioned for the role even if it required him to chop off his locks. “I’ve been such a big fan of Chris’s for a long time. Hearing him doing this film, I was incredibly excited to watch it. I just wanted to be involved if I could. Now watching it I’m incredibly proud of the film, as we all are,” Styles told E! News.

He added that the difficult times he endured during filming is nothing in comparison to what the Allied soldiers during World War II went through. “It was draining, but at the end of the day we’re on a film set, so we felt lucky. We got to shower at the end of the day and it made us realize we were going through nothing compared to what [the real soldiers] obviously would’ve gone through, so it was pretty difficult to complain.” Dunkirk will kick off in U.S. theaters on July 21.

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