Harry Styles has a Man Crush on Naked Ryan Gosling!

Harry Styles has a Man Crush on Naked Ryan Gosling!

Former One Direction member Harry Styles recently took part in a fun game with BBC One radio host Nick Grimshaw where he had a heart monitor attached to his chest. When the photo of a naked Ryan Gosling was shown, the singer’s heart rate apparently jumped from 60 to 80.

On Monday, the 23-year-old heartthrob stopped by the BBC radio show to talk about his upcoming film and to play the “Heart Monitor Challenge.” In the game, the host attached an apparatus to the singer’s chest as Grimshaw showed him a series of pictures to see which would elicit the biggest change in his heart rate.

Styles’ Heart Rate Reveals His Man Crush on Ryan Gosling

Once Harry Styles was hooked up to the monitor, his resting heart rate was about 60 beats per minute. There were some interesting selections of photos flashed before his eyes, including an image of his former bandmate Zayn Malik, Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan, and a not-so-cute pair of purple sneakers he used to wear. Then, Grimshaw showed the singer a picture of Ryan Gosling’s Noah Calhoun from the iconic romance film The Notebook.

While the rate remained relatively stable after a series of snaps, Styles’ heart rate jumped from 60’s to 80 when the photo of shirtless Gosling was displayed – much to his embarrassment. The singer-actor commented, “Looking very handsome…It’s a good scene.” When the host called him out for his heart rate rising at such a rapid pace, Styles quickly replied, “No, it’s not!”

You can watch the full interview below.

Despite the brief awkwardness, the English star spoke to Grimshaw about his love for romance-comedy films. He said that he watched The Notebook around 30 times. He quipped, “I’m too on edge, so I like watching things where I know what happens at the end.”

Harry Styles’ Biggest Love is the Chelsea Boots!

Apart from Gosling’s revealing photo, the only snap that got a higher score was a pair of Chelsea boots which gave Styles a heart rate of 102. Grimshaw asked, “That’s the biggest love of your life, a Chelsea boot! Would you say that’s the biggest love of your life, a Chelsea boot?” The singer joked, “Probably.”

The host tried to see if Harry Styles’ beat would soar when he presented him with a picture of the stunning model-actress Camille Rowe. However, it did not make his heart race. The young singer explained that he didn’t know her, adding that “she’s a wonderful person.” Alas, his heart rate was pretty low—lower than his reaction upon seeing Ryan Gosling and the Chelsea boots.