Jamie Dornan Questioned Being a Father While Playing His Serial Killer Role in 'The Fall'

Jamie Dornan Questioned Being a Father While Playing His Serial Killer Role in 'The Fall'

Jamie Dornan, who is widely known as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise, opened up about questioning his ability to become a father to his kids while playing the serial killer role in The Fall. The hunk also admitted that he would embark in sports if his acting career doesn’t last.

Dornan Once Thought He Wasn’t Destined to Become a Dad

Portraying his woman-hating killer role made the Irish star question if he was unfit to become a father. In an interview, he confessed that he had doubts about raising his family amid his acting projects in the BBC crime drama. His remarks came out during his talk regarding how his depiction of murderer Paul Spector affected his life.

The 35-year-old actor explained, “There is a scene – a horrible scene – where I am washing a corpse in a bath. It was just so awful. I was washing this little girl’s hair and Allan Cubbit, who created The Fall, came in and was like: ‘You have never washed a little girl’s hair before?’ I was like: ‘No, what am I doing wrong?’ ”

Jamie Dornan further quipped, “He said I was doing it really aggressively, and I was like: ‘Maybe I’m not set up to be a father.”’ Although he thought about it while playing his character in the series, the actor still had his first daughter with wife Amelia Warner six months after the first season hit the television screens.

Jamie Dornan Wanted to Become a Sportsman

Meanwhile, the hunk revealed he was so plagued by the idea that his acting career could end. With that in mind, he admitted that he had planned on becoming a sportsman. The golf-loving star, who recently played in 2017 Irish Open Pro-Am, said, “I still cling to some belief that I am going to play sport professionally or something when the acting dries up.”

Previously, Jamie Dornan divulged that he could be drinking whiskey alone if he did not become an actor. He also said that he nursed an ambition to be a sportsman after he watched Tom Cruise’s sports film. He expounded, “It would probably be something in sports. Not playing it, but it’s a big passion of mine, so I would have swindled my way into it.” He then said he wanted to be like Jerry Maguire, gushing, “Oh I want to be a sports agent.”