Jamie Dornan's Wife Shockingly Married Another Sexy Actor in 2001, But Amelia Warner Denies

Jamie Dornan's Wife Shockingly Married Another Sexy Actor in 2001, But Amelia Warner Denies

The Fifty Shades leading actors are in the limelight following the success of the romance flick in the box office, but Jamie Dornan’s wife has constantly been plagued with divorce rumors. And before the hunk tied the knot with Amelia Warner, the actress was actually married to another sexy star in 2001.

In 2001, Colin Farrell was dating the young actress named Amelia Warner, the daughter of two actors, who was arguably known for playing the iconic role in BBC’s Lorna Doone. The pair started seeing each other in 2000 and soon made appearances on the red carpet together during some star-studded film premieres.

Jamie Dornan’s Wife Amelia Warner Denies Marriage with Colin Farrell

At the time, Farrell was 24 while Warner was only 19, but they really looked in love. Since the actress’ mother expressed her approval of the couple’s romantic affair, the two announced their engagement in 2001. In an interview, Annette Warner said, “It’s great they’ve found each other. I love him and it’s a relief for me that Millie’s met someone who looks after her and who she can trust.”

Her mom further added, “It’s rare that they’re both young but so ready to commit. And she didn’t have to kiss many frogs before she found her prince!” According to reports, the two got married on a Tahiti beach in July on that same year. But in a shocking turn of events, the marriage did not last long, and they decided to separate ways.

Farrell said at the time, “Too fast, too young.” He even joked that he might not enter another relationship and teased his next stop was a seminary. He quipped, “It’s all over and done and finished. Been there and back. I’m heading straight for a sabbatical. I can’t wait for a collar around my neck and the incense!”

Ten years later, Jamie Dornan’s wife denied the marriage claim. She revealed, “We didn’t actually get married – it’s not actually true. I think we’ve been too polite to deny it. We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn’t.” She clarified that it was just a thing they did on holiday and was not a “secret wedding.”

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Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner’s Marriage Still Going Strong as Ever

Dornan put a ring on his relationship with Warner in April 2013. Now, they share two children, and their marriage remains strong as ever amid the controversies surrounding them. In a recent interview with the actor, fans might just need to chill out as he has proven how happy he is with his life with the actress.

The 35-year-old hunk revealed that he is a married man whose delight is beyond infinity. While greeting his friends Chris and Megan Hagan through a video, Dornan said that he has an exceptional marriage – which proves that his romantic relationship with Warner is nothing but happiness. He greeted, “Chris and Megan, happy marriage. I am four years in. It’s brilliant.”

Jamie Dornan’s wife has been the focus of divorce controversies because of her husband’s alleged secret affair with Dakota Johnson. However, the onscreen couple had previously denied the rumors. Both of the Fifty Shades of Grey stars said they share nothing but friendship while Dornan added that he loves his wife more than anything else.


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