Justin Bieber is Looking for an Australian Girlfriend, Asks Help from Hillsong Pastor says Reports

Justin Bieber is Looking for an Australian Girlfriend, Asks Help from Hillsong Pastor says Reports

Justin Bieber has been known to come up with the weirdest of ideas and the latest should set the entertainment world off. The pop star has been linked to a variety of beauties in the past but it seems that he now wants to settle down.

The23-year-old Bieber was in Sydney recently and now there is word that he is looking to take a bride, to be more precise – an Australian wife. While the Canadian singer can legally do so, the method of tying the knot seems a bit awkward, assuming the claims of NW magazine are authentic.

Bride Auditions for Justin Bieber

Making it a bit more outrageous is the fact that Justin Bieber will reportedly hold auditions to determine his Australian wife. Helping out will reportedly be good pal Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz who will be tasked to find the lucky lady, the Daily Mail reported.

Odd as the process may seem, Bieber does have his preferred qualities for his alleged bride-to-be. The traits would include a woman who shares Christian beliefs and one who would be open to having children. The requirements seem simple enough even if Bieber’s manner of handling it may draw criticism.

Candidate better than Sahara Ray?

Bieber had had his share of being linked to women before. That included singer Selena Gomez and models Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin. As far as women of Australian descent, he was also linked to 24-year-old Sahara Ray in 2016.

Ray found herself in the spotlight because of that and recently made headlines while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. She drew attention for her ample bust and slender frame, beach-babe qualities which could give interested candidates a heads-up to make Bieber’s list.

Prank or for real?

If there is one thing that wise women may want to look into is Justin Bieber’s personality. Despite being a success in the music world, the pop artist has been notorious for his decision-making.

Hence, the whole Aussie wife-hunting may technically be a sham though some may try their luck anyway. It could be their ticket to stardom – assuming they don’t make the grade. Sahara Ray is a testament to that and now she has been reaping the benefits. Whoever takes the bait will likely follow that lead, a high-risk move where the ultimate prize is being Bieber’s wife.

Aspiring women may want to think twice. Living with Bieber will require a great deal of patience and understanding – one that they may live to regret and forget.