Lorde Slams Taylor Swift in an Interview Then Apologizes

Lorde Slams Taylor Swift in an Interview Then Apologizes

Contrary to initial belief, all is well between pop stars Taylor Swift and Lorde. The latter explained that in detail via Twitter, referring to Swift as a “dear friend.” Lorde did, however, express her frustrations on the “squad” mentality, referring to it as a wide a wide circle of people, some of whom she knows and some who she never really met.

Lorde made the move as Taylor Swift seemed to be  losing squad members. Karlie Kross was the first one to go and it seemed the New Zealand pop star essentially did the same, the Huffington Post reported. Apparently, that was not the case, hence the need to write that lengthy Twitter post which can be viewed below.

Taylor Swift and Lorde are still friends

Before the celebrated issue, Lorde was riding high on her first no. 1 album, Melodrama. But for critics, the singer (better known in real life as Ella Yeich-O’Connor) is more famous for being part of Taylor Swift’s circle of friends, a group most refer to as The Baby-Sitters Club, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The alleged rift between the two ticked off when Lorde was interviewed by David Koch on Sunrise, most feasting on the part where the singer appeared to have dodged questions on her ties with Swift. That included the part where Lorde replied with: “I mean, you make friends in different places but for the most part I’m not like, calling up my idols for advice necessarily.”

From there, the social media stalkers went to work, claiming that Swift and Lorde are no longer friends. When that broke out, it would be up to the New Zealand-born pop star to clarify the mess and do damage control.

Misconception and bond that may be tough to break

Lorde and Swift have a storied friendship that will be hard to break. Both enjoy each other’s company, showing no reason why their ties would be broken. In fact, Swift even hosted a 20th birthday bash for Lorde, an occasion attended by popular celebrities and expensive balloons. With a bond between them, it may take more than a nasty rumor or misquote to set them apart.

a tough as guts balloon veteran

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In terms of support, Lorde reveals that she looks to her family members who inspire her in different ways. Being friends with Taylor Swift is rare but by no means a hard one to manage for the average person.

She did make a quote via The Guardian though she needed to do damage control afterward. “There are certain places you can’t go together. Certain things you can’t do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship.” While she did not directly mention Swift, she eventually apologized for the misconception.


— Lorde (@lorde) July 7, 2017