Serena Williams' Dad 'Erratic and Hostile' with 'Arsenal of Firearms' Says Wife

Serena Williams' Dad 'Erratic and Hostile' with 'Arsenal of Firearms' Says Wife

Richard Williams with Serena and Venus

Serena Williams’ dad is currently facing a legal battle against his estranged wife, Lakeisha Williams. Richard Williams initially filed for a divorce from his 38-year-old partner, whom he described as an alcoholic. Her wife denied the allegations and fired back with new explosive court documents.

Serena Williams’ dad decided to end his relationship with Lakeisha Williams by filing for a divorce in West Palm Beach, Florida. In his petition, Williams accused his wife of being alcoholic. Also, Lakeisha allegedly stole his social security checks and forged his signature to transfer their cars and a house under her name. Williams also claimed that his ex-wife left their 5-year-old son, Dylan, in his exclusive care.

He claimed that Lakeisha is already living with someone else. He described his ex-wife’s new partner as a person who has a “serious criminal, felony charges pending who could impose a danger to the minor child,” according to the documents he submitted to the court, per Daily Mail.

Lakeisha denies accusations of Serena Williams’ dad

With all the accusations against her, Lakeisha Williams finally broke her silence and faced the legal battle. According to TMZ Sports, Lakeisha denied that she’s an alcoholic and stole money from her ex-husband. Also, she claimed that their child is currently in her custody since Richard doesn’t want to be involved.

“We categorically deny each and all the allegations he has made in the petition,” said Sandy Becher, Lakeisha’s Miami lawyer. “When the issues come before the court, they’ll be proven to be patently false.”

She said that the school officials, teachers, and doctors can help prove her claims. Lakeisha also filed explosive new court docs against her ex-husband. She claimed that Richard has been acting “erratic and hostile” and that she’s afraid for their safety. She also revealed that Serena Williams’ dad owned an “arsenal of firearms including an AK-47” in which she decided to remove from their home.

Lakeisha stated that the guns have been “safeguarded” and are available at the court’s request. As of now, she’s afraid that Richard will retaliate after all her revelations. The 75-year-old tennis coach is yet to give a statement regarding his ex-wife’s accusations.

Serena Williams’ dad past relationships

It isn’t the first time Richard Williams faced a serious problem with his partner. Recalling 2002, he divorced Serena and Venus’ mother, Oracene Price, after being accused of domestic abuse. Price reportedly suffered from three broken ribs but her ex-husband was never punished for the crime he allegedly committed.