'Teen Mom OG' Ryan Edwards on Drugs Again, Used Xanax During Wedding

'Teen Mom OG' Ryan Edwards on Drugs Again, Used Xanax During Wedding

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards continues to make headlines following his drug use, recent marriage, and his tumultuous relationship with former partner Maci Bookout. Apparently, reports claim that his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, accused him of driving under the influence of Xanax as they were headed to their wedding.

The June 26 episode started with Bookout expressing her concerns over the problems of Edwards. She revealed that she tried to confront him but did not get very far. She was also worried that if she reached out to his parents or his fiancée, they would not cooperate.

Ryan Edwards Was on Drugs During His Wedding to Mackenzie Standifer

In another scene, Mackenzie spoke on the phone with a minister who agreed to officiate their wedding that same day. She explained to the MTV producer that Edwards met with a lawyer to get his “rights to Bentley legalized.” She added that the attorney apparently felt that it would help the couple to be wed.

In a disturbing turn of events, TV viewers witnessed how Standifer called out Edwards’ attention due to his substance abuse while they were on their way to the ceremony. After she made a few attempts to help straighten out the steering wheel for the dazed-looking star while on the highway, she asked him, “Why are you swerving?”

Ryan Edwards unsteadily replied, “My eyes, babe, in the sunlight I can’t keep ‘em open.” He proceeded to open and shut his sleepy eyes, appearing to doze off as Standifer continued to nudge him awake. Eventually, his fiancée turned the dashboard cameras off and inquired, “Did you take Xanax again?”

Edwards denied the allegations and swore under Bentley’s life that he did not, saying, “I put that on my kid’s life.” However, Standifer insisted that he did. The couple arrived at the ceremony place unharmed, and the reality dad appeared more alert in front of the small audience including his parents and the minister. However, his son, Bentley, and ex-wife Bookout were not in attendance.

Teen Mom OG Star Reveals He is Back Home After Checking into Rehab

Later that day, Edwards revealed that he did not want to tell his son about the wedding. He said, “If he does find out, we’re gonna sit him down.” The couple’s marriage came to light before the reports that the reality star checked into rehab. After the episode ended, he released a statement regarding his stay in the rehabilitation facility.

Ryan Edwards explained, “A little over 30 days ago, I made the decision to check myself into a rehabilitation facility. I am back home now doing well, and life could not be better.” He said that without his wife and parents’ support, he “would not have been able to do this.” He went on to thank everyone for the “well wishes.”