'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Dylan O Brien Axed from Final Season, Colton Haynes Returns

'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Dylan O Brien Axed from Final Season, Colton Haynes Returns

Teen Wolf Season 6 is winding down, but the last ten episodes may see a change in terms of appearance, particularly from the original cast. It seems that Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) will not be returning as a regular for the final part of Season 6B though he could still be taking on some cameo roles.

It remains unclear how the original cast member would be eased out of the picture, though TV Line did suggest that there would be more deaths happening in Beacon Hills. Linden Ashby, who plays Stiles’ father Sheriff Stilinski, bares how lines would still be open despite Dylan’s character focusing on the pre-FBI program at George Washington University.

Life without Stiles

With the impending exit of O’Brien, a big hole looms over the horizon. Being a regular for so long, it will be interesting who would fill in. Colton Haynes (Jackson) has been suggested as a possible replacement with Movie Pilot singling out an Instagram picture that the actor posted.

While that could be something, most are left guessing if he posted it to promote the final season of Teen Wolf or as a way of teasing that he will be returning to the series. The last time his Jackson character was seen in the series was in Season 2 before he was sent off to London.

Stiles’ best friend, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), could be a suitable replacement, but his current state of trying to understand his changes may place that angle in a bit of doubt. It is possible that he could return and build on his role as an alpha and continue his journey of protecting the town.

Dylan O’Brien exit hardly surprising

Before word of O’Brien’s exit came out, breadcrumbs on the possible axing seemed to be forthcoming. He had to deal with time restrictions, the most celebrated of which was injuries he sustained while filming The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. With limited time, showrunners had to improvise and make the most out of the time he was around.

Stiles’ exit may be a bitter pill to swallow for Teen Wolf fans and how it will affect the ratings of the show moving forward. Adjustments to the remaining cast members may take some time though the better question to ask is who will fill in O’Brien’s shoes.

The choices will further be trimmed down as Teen Wolf fast-forwards to the season finale. Deaths are imminent – meaning the successor could stand out and take shape in the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6.