'This Is Us' Season 2 to Tackle Jack's Poker Game, Vietnam Army Past

'This Is Us' Season 2 to Tackle Jack's Poker Game, Vietnam Army Past

The death of Jack Pearson will finally be answered in the This is Us Season 2 premiere. That is what Milo Ventimiglia can assure to fans. In addition, Jack’s past in the Vietnam war might also be tackled in the upcoming season.

Ventimiglia portrays the role of Jack in the NBC critically-acclaimed drama. He confirmed that the demise of his character will be addressed in the debut episode of the upcoming season. However, the star teased that it will also leave a lot of questions to viewers. “[Creator Dan Fogelman] is going to give an answer, but it’s going to beg a lot more questions,” Ventimiglia told The Hollywood Reporter during the ATX Television Festival.

Fans of This is Us are aware that the Pearson patriarch will pass away during the teenage years of his children. However, what is being kept as a secret is how he died. Prior to the Season 1 finale, many speculated that he would die in a crash car. Jack was seen driving under the influence when he followed Rebecca in her out of town gig. The couple made it home alive. However, they had a major fight that led Rebecca to tell Jack to move out of their house.

Jack’s Part in Vietnam

In the previous season, it was revealed that Jack fought in Vietnam war. Executive producer Ken Olin teased that fans would see more about Jack’s life in Vietnam in the upcoming season. “It was a significant part of Jack’s character, his life. We have introduced it and we don’t introduce things that are not going to play a role in these people’s lives. The things that resonate in our characters’ past lives, we honor and we’ll pay attention to at some point,” he said. Olin also directed the Season 1 finale.

Milo Ventimiglia was also asked how such information affects his interpretation of Jack. He admitted that he only has limited information about his character. Ventimiglia said he is also learning about Jack just a little ahead of the audience.

“The lead time of when I get to discover something about Jack is only a little bit quicker than the audience so when the sum total starts to add up to understanding a bit more of this man’s history or where he’s going or how he’s getting there, I just try and collect it all like someone trying to catch fireflies. Keep ’em in a jar and try to understand that it’s all going to add up to who this man is,” he said.

Jack Pearson’s Poker Game in This is Us Season 2

In the previous season, fans saw the other side of Jack when he took part in a poker game. Ventimiglia’s character also almost tried to rob the same game after losing his savings. Apparently, this scenario might have an influence on what will happen in Season 2.

“I think next season the show will get a little bigger. By that I mean that there are going to be events in these people’s lives that involve things that take place outside of their family and in the world at large in a way that’s a little different.

“And then in the finale, it was like, wait a minute, we’re introducing guys that are thugs, and we’re talking about having been vets in the Vietnam war. Those things, I think, are what make the show feel bigger. I think we’ll just continue to try to do them in a way that feels authentic and intimate,” Olin said. This Is Us Season 2 will premiere on Sept. 26 on NBC.