Tom Hiddleston is 'Not Tough Enough' to be Next James Bond Says Producer

Tom Hiddleston is 'Not Tough Enough' to be Next James Bond Says Producer

With a bunch of actors listed in the punters’ bet, Tom Hiddleston is one of them tipped to become the new James Bond. Many believe that he could be the best fit for the role because of his charisma, experience in the action film industry, and the list goes on. However, rumor has it that the 007 producer Barbara Broccoli had turned down the actor for being too “smug and not tough enough” for the character.

Tom Hiddleston Still in the Punters’ List for the Next James Bond

The Bond role is undeniably one the most coveted positions in Hollywood movies. Reports claimed that the recent spy actor Daniel Craig had decided to step down from the throne. So while the slot is still available, bookies have tipped a bunch of names whom they think deserve the fame. In fact, Hiddleston has been in the top of the punters’ bet for months now.

The 36-year-old hunk has also been open about his fondness for the action films, admitting that he is a huge fan of the British spy. He previously said that it would be a rare opportunity to be offered such an iconic role. But then, he revealed that he was not tapped or approached about the spot. Hiddleston explained, “Obviously it is very flattering that people think I am part of the conversation.”

Moreover, he clarified the rumors that he will get the role of the next James Bond and the future Time Lord in Doctor Who. The actor quipped, “Neither of those two opportunities has come my way. It is difficult because people say, ‘How would you feel if you were asked’ and you don’t know exactly what to feel because you haven’t been asked.”

While Hiddleston remains on the list of the possible actors to star in the new Bond film, Kong director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and producer Alex Garcia have previously shared their thoughts about the actor. In a separate interview, Garcia admitted that the hunk is “incredible” and can do anything the film requires. The filmmaker, on the other side, gushed: “Ha! Tom Hiddleston has everything!”

Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli Thinks Hiddleston is Too ‘Smug’ to Play the Role

Hiddleston may have received approval and appraisal from different actors and filmmakers, but latest reports claimed that he did not wow the Bond producer. Multiple sources of Page Six revealed that the actor has had his role dream dashed because Broccoli allegedly sees him as too smug and not tough enough to play the British spy role.

Furthermore, the sources divulged that the producer had nearly convinced Daniel Craig to reprise his role in the long-running franchise. Even if he supposedly said that he does not want to take over the role, it seems like he will give it another shot. The snitch also added that Broccoli does not like Tom Hiddleston, and she wants Craig to do the next installment. Fans should wait for the official announcement and take the rumors with a grain of salt.


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