Tom Hiddleston Ready for Full Frontal Nude Scene in 'Night Manager' Season 2

Tom Hiddleston Ready for Full Frontal Nude Scene in 'Night Manager' Season 2

Tom Hiddleston has confirmed that he is ready to do a full frontal nude scene on television or in film if needed. Viewers have seen the Thor actor partially naked in a scene in The Night Manager and in the movie High Rise. Hiddleston hinted that he can do more than that if the right script comes along.

Hiddleston has expressed willingness to show more flesh on screen but only if the scene fits with the “thematic narrative” of the role he will portray. He explained that in both The Night Manager and in High Rise, his partial nudity was thematically linked to the story. He added that his character in High Rise, Dr. Robert Laing, sunbathes in the nude because he thinks he can’t be seen.

“So, it wasn’t about any kind of personal exposure, that was part of the thematic narrative – about how one man is trusting enough to be vulnerable and then realizing he can’t be. If it’s a thematic part of the story, I don’t have a problem with it,” he told Star2.

Since Hiddleston has no issue going nude on-screen, fans might see him with fewer clothes in his upcoming movies or TV series. It could be weird to see Loki nude in Thor or Avengers 3: Infinity War. So a naked Hiddleston could possibly happen in The Night Manager Season 2 or if he will become the next James Bond.

Tom Hiddleston as Next James Bond

The British agent is known to be charismatic and is oozing with sex appeal. Hiddleston could also show more skin in sex scenes if he will be cast as Daniel Craig’s replacement in the next James Bond movie. However, it seems like Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend is already out of the list of possible James Bond actors.

Paige Six earlier cited a source saying Hiddleston has been ruled out by franchise producer Barbara Broccoli because the English actor is “too smug” for the iconic character. “Barbara doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston, he’s a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond,” the insider told the site.

Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager Season 2

In the critically-acclaimed BBC miniseries, Hiddleston played a luxury hotel night manager, Jonathan Pine. Fans saw him in the hit drama partially naked. So far, BBC has yet to confirm if there will be Season 2 for The Night Manager.

BBC, AMC, and The Ink Factory previously confirmed that they are considering the possibility of bringing back the show for another season. Apparently, they are already in the early stages of developing a potential second installment. However, no definite details have been confirmed as of the moment.

Executive producer Stephen Garrett earlier said they are not ruling out the possibility of Season 2. However, they are not confirming anything as well. He explained that The Night Manager novel author John le Carré prohibits his characters to go off-book. This makes the production of Season 2 more difficult since the book doesn’t have a sequel. Le Carré wrote the novel in 1993 in which the TV miniseries was based upon.