Tom Hiddleston's 'Night Manager' Earned $47M, Season 2 Still Unclear

Tom Hiddleston's 'Night Manager' Earned $47M, Season 2 Still Unclear

Fans are hoping that Tom Hiddleston will come back in The Night Manager Season 2. While the future of Hiddleston and the second installment are still unclear, fans across the globe continue to binge on the first season of the drama/thriller TV series.

The six-episode miniseries starred Tom Hiddleston as a luxury hotel night manager, Jonathan Pine, turned undercover agent. Novelist John Le Carré wrote The Night Manager novel in 1993 in which the show is based upon. Ink Factory, The Night Manager producer, announced that the BBC One series has earned $47 million so far and continues to gain revenues even after it wrapped in March 2016.

The show first aired in February 2016 before it was released in 188 countries including the U.S., other countries in Europe, and China a month later. The company said their revenues grew by 637 percent due to the strong sales and ­royalties generated by The Night Manager. “Since its highly successful release, The Night Manager has continued to captivate audiences across the globe and won two Emmys and three Golden Globes,” said Ink Factory (via The Sun).

The Night Manager Season 2

Ink Factory boss Simon Cornwall confirmed that they are hoping to bring back the show for another season. In March, Ink Factory, AMC, and BBC admitted that they are working together to develop a potential The Night Manager Season 2. However, they can’t yet confirm anything for a number of reasons.

First, the entire Jonathan Pine story was already told in Season 1. There is no prequel or sequel to Le Carré’s book. Cornwell said, “There’s never been a Le Carré story that has been extended beyond the confines of the novel. It would be interesting to try that.”

Executive producer Stephen Garrett also confirmed that Le Carré prohibits his characters to go off-book. However, NME noted that Season 1 was not an exact adaptation of Le Carré’s novel. For instance, Olivia Colman’s character, Angela Burr, was not in the book. According to NME, Le Carré later admitted that he wishes he had Burr in his novel. Burr is Pine’s intelligence operative handler in the BBC One show.

Who’s Coming Back and Who’s Not in The Night Manager Season 2

Tom Hiddleston said he hasn’t yet decided whether he will return or not for another season. The Thor actor explained that the decision for Season 2 still lays with Le Carré. “I think we’re all aware that there is an appetite for more, but it really lies with the author, as it should, and if he can see a way for them to continue in a framework that fits his original conception,” Hiddleston said.

Meanwhile, several other cast members have confirmed their interest in a second series. “You’d have to be a complete idiot to say no. I think that if they called we’d all say yes. But I don’t know. I haven’t heard yet if they’re doing this or not,” Colman told Deadline.

However, The Night Manager Season 1 screenwriter David Farr had already confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning. He told Variety, “Personally, I liked the fact that the story ended where the story ended. But that’s entirely personal. Given the characters, there is a potential for something more to happen, and I’m sure someone could find the right idea. But for me, it’s done. My simple feeling is that I wouldn’t be able to make the next one as good.”