WATCH: Ben Affleck 2004 Interview is Super Abusive! Talks About Host's Breast and T*tties

WATCH: Ben Affleck 2004 Interview is Super Abusive! Talks About Host's Breast and T*tties

Ben Affleck’s 2004 interview with a Canadian TV presenter has resurfaced on social media recently. In the clip, the actor was very cozy with the host as he pulled her onto his lap and nuzzled onto her breasts while talking about the presenter’s voluptuous bosom and t*tties.

Ben Affleck Flirts With the Canadian TV Presenter During an Interview

Nothing really dies in the world wide web as the 2004 interview of Affleck emerged on Twitter. The Oscar winner is the latest celebrity to cop a slap from his past with a truly bizarre clip resurfacing this week. The grainy television segment was posted on social media and it showed the slurring, rambling actor – who was with Jennifer Lopez at the time – pulled host Anne-Marie Losique onto his lap.

In the morning junket discussion to promote his film Jersey Girl, Affleck and the Canadian host could be seen hugging each other. Losique was also spotted straddling the actor and writing on his lap while the American star was embracing her.

Moreover, the presenter, who was known for hosting raunchy shows on Canadian television, was seen writhing and giggling as the hunk nestled his head on her breasts. Ben Affleck pointed out that she usually “shows a lot more cleavage than this, what’s the story?”

At one point, the 44-year-old actor said: “They would like the show better if you did it topless, wouldn’t they? That’s a lovely perfume you have on.” When he asked the host about not being too revealing with her outfit, the TV presenter responded: “It’s Sunday morning.”

Affleck Mocks People with Cerebral Palsy and Calls them “Retarded”

Adding to his remark, Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband bluntly quipped: “That never stopped you before from getting them t*ties out. Who you trying to fool, Sunday morning? You should be in church with that rack on display.” The duo continued their heavy petting in front of the camera as the actor complimented her for her “firm breasts” and asked if she has a “boyfriend back in Montreal.”

Later on, Ben Affleck threw off an “off-color” joke about disabled people. He said to the cameraman, “Don’t make me look like I am retarded! I look like I have cerebral palsy now” – before impersonating a person with such disability. The actor, who was supposed to be talking about his film, did not tackle it during the five-minute clip.


how is this 2004 ben affleck interview real

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