5 Ramifications of an Investigation Into Trump — NBC Analysis

Responding to the Post’s report, the spokesman for Trump’s lawyer said the “FBI leak of information regarding the President is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal”, news agency CNBC Now tweeted.The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, said the investigation into the president’s own conduct began shortly after Trump fired Comey on May 9.That changed following Comey’s firing, sources told The Post.Notably, Comey, in his carefully-worded statement, had also said that Trump’s personal conduct – whether with regards to possible collusion with Russian Federation or possible obstruction of justice – was not under investigation while he was at the helm of the FBI. Coats was attending a briefing at the White House then with officials from other government agencies.Mr Trump will surely insist that the inquiry into whether his campaign had ties to Russian Federation is still a hoax perpetrated by Democrats and a hostile media, and that the obstruction allegations are built on that empty foundation.Questions have been raised about whether Trump sought their help in squelching the FBI investigation led by Comey, who was sacked by Trump last month. The office of Director of National Intelligence and Ledgett declined to comment.During the call, the president questioned the veracity of the intelligence community’s judgment that Russia had interfered with the election and also tried to persuade Adm. Rogers to say there was no evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russian officials, they said.Mueller met Wednesday with the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee in an effort to ensure their investigations don’t conflict.Director Comey confirmed he was very concerned about the Obama administration’s interference in the Clinton email investigation, including interference by Obama Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.The Justice Department would not indict a sitting president.Sources told Bloomberg that Mueller specifically wants to ask the officials about whether Trump sought their help to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into Flynn.Grassley said Comey’s firing and Lynch’s actions should both be investigated.No wonder Trump has been contemplating ousting Mueller. “It is my view that fully investigating the facts, circumstances, and rationale for Mr. Comey’s removal will provide us the opportunity to do that on a cooperative, bipartisan basis”. Roughly a quarter (27 percent) sided with Ryan’s pitch, including a plurality (42 percent) of Republicans, although 37 percent of GOP voters said Trump should have known better.Comey said at the Senate hearing that he had an associate leak detailed memos about his conversations with Trump in part because he felt so uncomfortable with Trump’s conversations with him and hoped to push the Justice Department into appointing a special counsel.”The White House is now a crime scene”, Mr Abramson posted on Twitter. Comey testified that Sessions just nodded when Comey asked the AG to be sure he wasn’t left alone with the president again.