At least 3 die after fire at Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon

In remarks released by the National News Agency of Lebanon, the army said its troops had sustained a number of attacks during the raids on the camps.The army said seven soldiers were wounded and a girl was killed after one of the suicide bombers blew himself up in the midst of a family of refugees.Three other attackers blew themselves up but did not injure anyone.The security source said the raids were part of a major security sweep in an area that has been a flash point. Troops recovered four explosive devices. Another militant threw a grenade at a patrol, wounding four soldiers.The raids, which are aimed at “arresting terrorists and seizing weapons”, are still ongoing, the army command said in a statement following the attacks.No group has claimed responsibility, but the Lebanese army has been fighting militants since the beginning of the civil war in neighboring Syria.The wounded soldiers were airlifted to hospital by a Lebanese army helicopter, Tayyar media reported.About 1,500 fighters are still believed to be operating near the flashpoint town of Arsal, which was overrun by ISIL in 2014.The border region also faces threat from Syrian rebels who were driven out of the area by the Syrian army with support from the Lebanese Hezbollah movement.There have been multiple clashes along the border between the Lebanese army and the Islamic State group or one time al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front.