Bill Cosby Case Ends in Mistrial But We’re Still Deliberating His Legacy

The trial centered around Andrea Constand, the former director of operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team, who claimed she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby in January 2004 at his home near Philadelphia.Cosby’s lawyers have said he and Constand were lovers and that the encounter was consensual.He remained stoic as the judge declared a mistrial, while Constand doled out hugs to her mother, prosecutors and some of the other women who say the TV star drugged and abused them.After the mistrial was declared, some of the women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault in past decades were crying as they gathered around Constand to console her.USA comedian Bill Cosby faced three charges of aggravated indecent assault on Ms Andrea Constand, the former director of operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team.Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial ended Saturday with a jury that was still deadlocked on all counts after 52 hours of deliberations, punctuating an epic scandal with a giant question mark.Those who disagreed with the defense teams’ strategy include my fellow CNN legal analyst, Page Pate, who wrote a thoughtful piece arguing why Cosby should take the witness stand.In a statement read aloud by one of Cosby’s aides, his wife, Camille, who attended only a couple of hours of the trial, took aim at the prosecutors and the judge. But as Cosby exited the courtroom, spokesman Andrew Wyatt sent a powerful message to the gathered media. He said he told her to tell the truth because “the truth is easy”. “If after further deliberations, you are still deadlocked on some or all the charges, you should report that to me”, said Judge O’Neill. “The jurors have used their power to speak and Mr. Cosby’s power is back”.She commended her client Kelly Johnson, the only other accuser allowed to testify at the trial, and thanked all the accusers who have spoken out.Bill Cosby’s lawyer repeatedly demanded a mistrial in his sex assault trial as five days of deliberations on the fate of the man once known as America’s Dad pushed into Father’s Day weekend, but the judge said there was no precedent to shut down the jury’s talks.However, within minutes of the mistrial, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office declared that they will retry the case.Cosby allegedly drugged and molested Constand in 2004.The jury reconvened Saturday morning after deliberating for several days this week. Prosecutors of the most recent Bill Cosby case have stated that they will retry the case. The jury heard testimony about the incident in which Constand accused Cosby of giving her three blue pills and wine at his home to relax her. Constand testified that she was at his home seeking advice about her career.The trial has irrevocably damaged the legacy of Cosby, once a towering figure in USA popular culture best known for his seminal role as a lovable father and obstetrician on hit 1984-92 TV series The Cosby Show.Cosby could be responsible for monetary awards still, pending lawsuits in federal and state courts.Call it the “Gloria Allred Narrative”, which is the conflation of hearsay and lurid accusation before the national press and, in this case, to portray Cosby as the worst American sexual deviant since Bill Clinton.