‘Bright’ Trailer: Netflix’s Mega Will Smith Sci-Fi Movie Hits Comic-Con

Netflix has revealed the first full length trailer for the action/fantasy, “Bright”, starring Will Smith.Bright takes place in what Smith describes as a “bizarre world”, which is “this insane mashup of the grit and that hard rated-R grime of Training Day but then smashed with Lord of the Rings”.Based on the trailer, Bright looks like a mash-up of Ayer’s own gritty Los Angeles-set cop films (including End of Watch and Training Day) and the futuristic fantasy RPG property Shadowrun (with a bit of Alien Nation thrown in for good measure).”They didn’t teach us this at the Academy”, admits Joel Edgerton to Will Smith, who play cops in a odd Los Angeles-based alternate universe in the first trailer for Netflix’s police thriller “Bright”.Bright – which has a budget of $90 million – will premiere December 22, 2017, exclusively on Netflix.His character is stuck with the force’s first orc cop, which Smith said gave him a rare character opportunity: to be racist.Smith is the latest A-list movie star to be in a big budget Netflix pic. I’m seriously impressed. I really want to see this movie.While Netflix has been flexing its ever-expanding muscles with plenty of original high-profile projects, the upcoming Bright may just take things to a new level. Lucy Fry’s character, a “Bright” – the term for a magic user who possesses an an ancient wand, was featured prominently in the clip alongside Noomi Rapace as an elvish villain.