British PM to meet fire survivors in Downing St

In his letter, the Labour leader calls for the public inquiry to ensure “all necessary lessons are learned”.This number is likely to rise further, Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy has warned.London Mayor Sadiq Khan also visited the site on Thursday.”They haven’t got easy fire escapes, they’ve got no sprinklers, it’s totally, totally unacceptable in Britain that this is allowed to happen and people lose their lives in this way”.A couple of miles away in West London, several hundred protesters stormed Kensington and Chelsea council town hall. Police barred their way and scuffles broke out, a reporter said.Demonstrators pushed their way through an automatic door shouting ‘We want justice!’ and ‘Killers!’ as they clashed with security guards in the lobby.Friends and families of victims, including a furious seven-year-old, asked: “How many children died?”It issued a statement before the protest to try to address the concerns of residents.He added: “We would like the chief executive of the council to make public commitments on what the council is going to do for the victims of this borough, and for all the other buildings in the borough that could stand the same fate at Grenfell Towers”.There have been demands for answers as to how the blaze was able to engulf the building, trapping many on the upper floors.The U.K. newspaper said that Omnis Exteriors manufactured the aluminum composite material used in the cladding.Earlier yesterday, Mrs May met victims privately at a central London hospital.”The first person who spoke was a survivor from the 19th floor and – not quite my caricature of the Prime Minister – but to see her welling up, the response in the meeting, and to see her holding the hand of a sobbing lady next to her in the meeting was quite shocking I think to most of us there”.He said: “What did she bring, what useful things did she bring?”May has committed 5 million pounds for clothes, food and emergency supplies as part of Grenfell Tower Residents’ Discretionary Fund on Friday, which includes the aim to re- house residents within three weeks as close to where they lived before as possible, to pay for temporary housing in the meantime and to provide extra financial assistance.But even those within her own party said May should have faced the locals herself earlier.”Clearly it’s quite unprecedented for 16 very ordinary people, who this time last week were walking their dogs or talking to each other in the streets around here and north Kensington, actually to be in 10 Downing Street talking face-to-face with the prime minister”.Conservative former cabinet minister Michael Portillo said May should have been prepared to face residents’ anger. A memorial wall has been created for people to write messages to the missing. “People deserve answers. The inquiry will give them”.”We are in the richest borough in the United Kingdom and in this very borough we have a building where some of the poorest live and the safety measures are totally inadequate”, said Mustafa Al Mansur, one of the organisers of the demonstration. She did speak with emergency services.He said police had started a criminal investigation but there was nothing to suggest “that the fire had been started deliberately”.