Charli XCX directs star-studded video for new single ‘Boys’

It’s definitely a step closer to mainstream pop after wilding out on her Number 1 Angel mixtape with an instantly hummable chorus and relatable (to at least half of the population) lyrics.The difference is the male stars in her new video are dancing to her tune, literally.Given how popular she is, and in the great tradition of Kelis, Charli brings all the boys to her yard, and they’re basically all some of our fave celebrity crushes.Check out Charli’s “Boys” video above and see how many people you can recognize. “They really went for it!”She’s recruited the likes of Joe Jonas, Charlie Puth, Mark Ronson, Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Jack Antonoff and others to star as eye candy in the visual.Here are all the YouTuber’s featured in Charlie XCX’s “Boys” video..Charli XCX’s new music video is heaven for lovers of attractive men.’I wanted them to be doing the sexy stuff in a pop video for a change rather than the girls, ‘ Charli, 24, exclusively told Guilty Pleasures.But she says she is “taking her time”. I call Ken Watanabe, Jeremy Corbyn, and J.R. Smith just to kick things off. Godspeed.It’s a lot of man-flesh – and it might just be attached to the song of the summer.”The album’s going to be next year and I’m not going to think about it until a month before it has to come out”.