Dhinchak Pooja is back with her latest masterpiece, ‘Baapu dede thoda cash’

Continuing her ritual, Baapu Dede Thoda Cash is released with the basic beats and off-beat singing, which are the reasons she broke the Internet.The Delhi based girl has launched the new song Baapu De Thoda Cash was launched just a few hours ago on July 25, 2017 and already has more than 4 lakh views on YouTube. If you are one of those who were waiting for another sensational song from Youtube sensation Dhinchak Pooja, then the time has come, Dhinchak Pooja is finally here with her latest song Baapu Dede Thoda Cash. On public demand Pooja recorded more such songs.After breaking the Internet with “Swag Wali Topi” and “Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj”, Internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja is now back with another song. Social media has aimed jokes and made parodies of her song thus adding to her fame. The song Dilon Ka Shooter features Pooja riding her scooter on the streets of the capital.Dilon ka shooter by Dhinchak Pooja day trended on the youtube and attracted listeners from across the virtual world. Pooja goes on to beg for money to fund her expenses such as buy Gucci clothes and roam with her friends. “While I like all kinds of music, I mostly get my inspiration from Bollywood”.This time around, you don’t get to see Dhinchak Pooja and her gang of boys prancing around town.