Disney Confirms Hall of Presidents Enhancements; Addresses Trump Rumors

Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications for Walt Disney World, calls the Vice report “inaccurate”, adding that “President Trump will have a speaking role in the Hall of Presidents like every president since 1993″. And that would mean Disney would be forced to edit or change the speech, or rewrite it altogether-or even reopen the attraction with no President Trump.”The Imagineers [the researchers and developers behind Disney’s theme park attractions] tried to point out that they’re typically involved with this process”, the source added.Trump’s people said, ‘No.Just two days after last November’s historic election, Disney president Bob Iger assured shareholders that business for the studio would proceed as usual in Trump’s America – and that included “a smooth transition” for the nostalgic draw, which had already “prepared a bust” of the former reality star for inclusion.In May, Iger told CNN Money that Disney had delivered a script to the White House.The statement comes in direct response to an article published by Vice yesterday, which we wrote about earlier today.”They’d particularly like to avoid him tweeting about this situation”, said the source. “Disney officials are bending over backwards in an effort not to be seen as disrespectful towards President Trump”.Thomas Smith, Editorial Content Director for the Disney Parks blog responded to the controversy in a blog post Tuesday.Disney confirmed Monday that the Trump robot will share a message contrary to earlier reports saying otherwise, but how the two sides came to an agreement on the writing of the speech is still unknown. The attraction, which was scheduled to reopen June 30, will now reopen in late 2017.