Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 confirmed

As Capaldi’s seemingly last encounter with Pearl on-screen ahead of his final round as the Doctor in the Christmas special, both actors had to have a grand old hug to mark the occasion.With the preview of the First Doctor, played by David Bradley, at the end of the final episode of Series 10, it’s clear that there’s going to be a complex timy wimy thing going on.”It’s become a tradition now for the companions to reappear as the Doctor regenerates and Jenna isn’t letting the side down”. A fellow Time Lord from Gallifrey, the Master is one of Doctor Who’s longest serving villains, dating back to the era of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee in the early ’70s.An insider said: “Jenna Coleman has agreed to film something new as Clara”.”Fans will have to wait until the Christmas special to see Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor come to an end”, BBC Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright said on Monday.With rumors of a huge shake-up coming to the show and bets that Kris Marshall could be ushering in a younger Doctor once more, or that a female version of the Doc could up the show’s gender equality stakes, the Christmas special promises to be one to watch. Billie Piper returned when David Tennant left the role, while Karen Gillan returns to say goodbye to her Doctor, Matt Smith.”Obviously [he] means that the turmoil of regeneration, while it extends your life, does sacrifice parts of you that you want to keep, that it’s too radical a change.” “I would definitely think about it”.Steven Moffat, who is also stepping out after the Christmas special and will be replaced by a new showrunner Chris Chibnall, shared that they are already filming the meeting of the First Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor, per Den of Geek. Before Twelve (Peter Capaldi) regenerates into Thirteen, the Impossible Girl will return to bid him goodbye. For now, the producers and showrunners are tight-lipped when it comes to who the Thirteenth Doctor would be. He was also fractious at the 12th Doctor’s claim that he’s The Doctor, trumping him by saying “no, no, no, I’m The Doctor!”Further casting details will be announced in the near future, with the likely revelation over who will take the coveted role as the next Doctor Who.