‘Game of Thrones': Which Stark is most likely to survive?

But instead of the bright red that’s become iconic with the Stark heir, Turner-who debuted her new color at the “Game of Thrones” premiere on Wednesday-seemed to be sporting a deeper shade.We really hope that Bran can live a fulfilling life once all the fighting is over.So what exactly is Sansa going to end up doing?So what can we expect to see from Sansa this season?What’s her relationship with Littlefinger like? Before, she was a victim in many ways.Turner won’t spill the beans on the possibility of a Sansa/Arya reunion in season 7, but if it did happen, she would be thrilled.Like most good friendships, the bond between her and Harington wasn’t all fun and games.FROM PEN: Ian McShane on his Game of Thrones Spoiler!Still, she says that dating someone in Hollywood isn’t all that different from dating someone anywhere else. Then we’d get the bonus of an Arya and Jon reunion as well as her reconnecting with Sansa, who could probably use a sister right about now.Jon Snow by far has a huge amount of potential for the throne in Westeros at the moment. She had two links to Westeros that weren’t going away, and they were polar opposites: Her family and the people she wanted/needed to kill.So, no, we don’t know exactly what episodes Turner will appear in yet. “Normally you play a character for a month or so”, she told W Magazine, “and then you are done with it, but to be able to flesh out a character for over eight or so years has been really fantastic”.It doesn’t matter if the death is a juicy payback killing, like that time Arya Stark avenged her beloved mother and brother by slitting Walder Frey’s throat after feeding him a pie made out of chunks of his sons’ bodies. Lysa is besotted by Littlefinger and as Sansa has to deal with her barking mad son Robyn, Lord of the Vale, she also finds Littlefinger’s intentions to be a creeping mix of fatherly and a lot less fatherly, if you get my drift. It’s more about her figuring out how to treat that power and how to surround herself with the people that are best for her. Through her scenic story, we have seen issues of gender and leadership play out beautifully, and we’ve seen her work to help the oppressed without giving up. “I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time”. Seven seasons later, we’ve lost half the family, but we may finally be seeing the survivors come together again… although it’s not in very nice circumstances.