Glenfell Tower: homes, schools and hospitals all fitted with deadly cladding

Local anger began building Wednesday as the 24-story residential Grenfell Tower block caught fire and was consumed by flames in a matter of minutes. At the moment, police said 16 bodies have been recovered.Based on the number of people missing, at least 58 people were likely killed in the Grenfell Tower, London police said Saturday.They are among the 17 people who are said to have died in the incident. He asked anyone who was in the tower and survived to contact police immediately.The local authority, which owns the tower block where families rent their homes, says it is doing all it can to support the victims and to help the relief operation.”It’s another reason why both the police and public inquiry must take into account gross negligence, which could result in criminal charges”.The Prime Minister met fire chiefs but did not speak to residents, while her opposite number, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was seen to be meeting people affected by the blaze.As the Star went to press Theresa May pledged a £5 million fund for emergency supplies.The horrific fire early Wednesday morning has put increased pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May and her senior ministers at a time when her authority has been weakened by an election that saw her Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament.However, as many have pointed out, 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II managed to visit with some of the people affected overnight.In her official birthday message Saturday, the queen addressed the latest tragedy to hit the nation. Earlier in the day, the 91-year-old monarch described the country’s mood as “somber” but insisted that Britain remained resolute during a hard time.May sidestepped questions about the length of time between the fire and her visit and focused on supporting the victims.On Friday angry protesters chanting “We want justice” stormed their way into the Kensington and Chelsea town hall to try to confront the leaders of the local council.The government has promised a full public inquiry, but that has done little to a sense of frustration at the lack of information about how the fire moved so quickly to engulf the building. Most expert assessments have spotted how it caught fire with terrifying speed, spreading right up the block in seconds, making the usual – and usually successful – advice that residents stay in their homes far more unsafe than in a normal fire.He also appealed to anyone who may have escaped from the building, but has not yet come forward, to make themselves known.The tragedy has provoked a huge response from nearby communities that have donated food and shelter to the victims. When protesters heard the news, they responded: “It’s not enough, we’ve basically raised that much online already”.Firefighters searching the smoldering ruin in west London have recovered six bodies from the 24-story Grenfell Tower, while 11 others have been located but can not yet be removed from the gutted structure.In the fire’s aftermath, the London Underground on Saturday suspended subway service between Edgware Road and Hammersmith on two lines at the request of the London Fire Brigade.Some Grenfell residents had warned months ago that fire safety issues at the tower left it at risk of a “catastrophic” event.Relatives of those missing after a high-rise tower blaze in London are searching frantically for their loved ones, as the police commander in charge of the investigation says he hopes the death toll will not rise to three figures.