Harry Styles is a star? Christopher Nolan didn’t know that

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan revealed that he didn’t know how famous Styles was before casting him in Dunkirk, his most recent film.’So the truth is, I cast Harry because he fit the part wonderfully and earned a seat at the table’. Starring the likes of Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Ireland’s own Cillian Murphy, the film its slated for release on July 20.In one scene from a new Dunkirk trailer, Harry is munching on a piece of bread and asking his fellow soldier what’s wrong with his friend as he adjusts his life vest.”The meaning has got lost somewhere along the way and people have stopped realising there’s an fantastic cast – including Harry – but there’s, you know, the creme de la creme of actors”. But with Dunkirk releasing soon and both Call of Duty: WWII set to release this year to bring the franchise back to its root, as well as the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on the horizon, we could be entering a new age of Nazi-killing appreciation.Unsurprisingly, Harry Styles has garnered the most attention in the build-up to Dunkirk.The Sign Of The Times singer described the initial production and experience “overwhelming” but also referred to the whole experience as “pretty amazing”. I think whatever you imagine kind of a giant film set to be like, this was very ambitious even by those standards.Styles, who rose to fame through the reality show X-Factor and British boy band One Direction, has recently made his debut as a solo artiste. “I think they’re excited to see it”, he said. The soundtrack will be available on July 21st, but it’s also available for pre-order.