Hollywood reacts to Bill Cosby mistrial

After six days of deliberation, the seven men and five women selected to serve on the jury were unable to render a unanimous verdict on any of the three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault with which Cosby had been charged. Judge Steven O’Neill has declared a mistrial in the case against the 79-year-old comedian.Count 1 alleges that Cosby didn’t have consent when he penetrated Constand’s genitals with his fingers. She also attacked the judge, the accuser’s lawyers and the media.Spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Saturday that “Cosby’s power is back”. She also denied that the two had had a romantic relationship prior to that encounter.”After 52 hours of deliberation, probably one of the most courageous acts I’ve ever seen, I’m compelled to grant a mistrial”, said Judge O’Neill to the courtroom teeming with people.Cosby himself didn’t comment, but remained stoic as the judge declared a mistrial.Prosecutors have vowed to try Bill Cosby again, declaring the woman who accuses the comedian of drugging and molesting her at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004 is “entitled to a verdict”.In a February 17, 2005, news release, former District Attorney Bruce Castor Jr. said no criminal charges were forthcoming but he would “reconsider” the decision “should the need arise”, according to the affidavit.”I remind everyone this is not vindication or victory”.Cosby said in that decade-old testimony that he had given Constand a non-prescription allergy medication, Benadryl, to relax her because she said she was stressed.She then continued on, praising jurors who had believed in Bill’s innocence and reiterating her belief that her husband is telling the truth. Cosby admitted to using Quaaludes with women in the 1970’s that he wanted to have sex with.Prosecutors argued Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted Constand.Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein said Cosby’s celebrity nearly certainly played a role in the jury’s deliberations, perhaps to convince “two or three jurors that it’s impossible to convict Dr. Huxtable, to convict Fat Albert. that he couldn’t have done this awful thing”.But Cosby’s reputation remains in tatters, following a slew of sexual assault allegations from about 60 women that have destroyed the “America’s dad” image he built as star of the long-running 1980s TV comedy “The Cosby Show”.Jurors in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial finished for the night Friday, still at an impasse, and Cosby spoke outside the courthouse, thanking the jurors and saying “Happy Father’s Day“.Although almost 60 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual assault – charges his legal team has vehemently denied – only the allegations of Andrea Constand have led to criminal charges. Ladd accused Cosby of drugging and raping her in 1969 in NY.Musical artist and producer Dready tweeted “Guilty or not, this trial will be a dark cloud over Bill Cosby’s whole career forever”.”The vitriol in it to me was over the top considering that (more than 50) accusers came forward and Cosby was not found innocent”. We could not begin to name the many people who have worked so diligently in pursuit of justice, not only for Andrea but for all victims of sexual assault.