Instagram testing friend-only sharing lists

Instagram is testing a new feature called favorites that will allow users to share posts with a limited number of friends, reported The Verge. So, you have full control over the availability of your content.Problem is, when finstas become loaded with followers, people often end up using their secret accounts, and Instagram as a whole, less. Instagram app will get a new favorites tab as well, represented by a star. If you share it with your Favorites group, only those people in that group can see your post, and they’ll know that they’re seeing a Favorites post because there’ll be a green “Favorites” badge on the post.After getting this option, you will be able to add people in your favorites group. It contains all posts that you’ve shared to your favorites over time. The people in your Favorites group will see that post with a green “Favorites” badge to identify that only your Favorites can see it. Instagram expects that people will add from 10-30 people in this group.”The best version of Instagram is one where you feel closer to the people you are connected to because you’re on Instagram together than you would on any other product in the world”, Stein says.Instagram is testing the feature “among a small percentage of users” starting today. With only two privacy settings, a public account and private account option, your audience choices are slim. When you decide to share a post or Story, you can choose to share it with your Favorites. So, you will not mistakenly share photos as a public.