Nintendo Announces Classic Edition of Old Video Game

Japanese game maker Nintendo announced its plans to launch Super NES Classic Edition, the standalone mini console, which will feature 21 pre-installed classic games.For those of you who read my review on last year’s Nintendo impossible to get Super NES Classic Edition system; Get ready to stand in line. Gamers can also gain access to “Star Fox 2″, the unreleased sequel to the iconic game, by beating the first level of the original. The mini version of Nintendo’s classic console plugs directly into a big screen TV using an HDMI cable, and includes classic games such as Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, among others.Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed that they would sieze the production of NES Classic Mini.It has the look and feel of the 90s home console but is packaged into a smaller, more portable body.The titles include original SNES classics like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox, as well as a brand new and long-anticipated Star Fox 2.Nintendo’s only promising it’ll continue production of the Super NES Classic Edition console “until the end of calendar year 2017″. While there are 21 fantastic games on the console, perhaps one stood out above the rest: Star Fox 2.The $80 system comes with two controllers this time, compared to the NES Classic, which only came with one. If the SNES Classic is anything like it’s predecessor, the NES Classic, fans should expect it to fly off the shelves very quickly regardless of the extra units!That demand carried into 2017 – until Nintendo suddenly killed the console in April. What is perhaps most surprising about the game’s cancellation is that it was almost finished before Nintendo chose to end production on the title. And no retailers have yet announced it they will accept pre-orders.Europe will also be getting a similar design to Japan, though it will be labeled as the SNES Classic Edition.